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Battleship Brawl Season 4! (Tournament Underway!)

Somehow Ferram's ship and my ship always find each other. I think our entries fought in 80% of the tournaments we both entered. Big Grin It's usually a fun fight!

Tennessee looks great! All the small details on it are awesome. Sea planes casemate and deck guns and stuff. The superstructure overall looks really good. I especially like the round ammo clip part on the top. (I think it's clips.) That's something we don't see often in this game! The main turrets have a cool shape and I like the hull too. But Menty needs to change his settings a bit to make stuff less shiny. Tennessee almost glows in the sun. I have a feeling that wasn't the intended effect. XD

Tennessee took a while to fire the first volley thanks to the angle it spawned in. Very smart tactic! It's first shot was a crit in both rounds. Next time I'll make my ship spawn at an angle!
Overlord managed to hit a turret that already fell off the Tennessee. Good job! Very useful!
Overlord lost most of its turrets pretty early in both fights while it only managed to take out one on the opponent. Starting at an angle is OP! XD Maybe Tennessee simply had a much better rate of fire too despite having less turrets and it also hurts a lot more. Wow! Would have helped if Overlord stopped shooting the center of Tennessee where it didn't do anything. Not sure why it did that. It has 7 AIs aiming at 7 different places and changes the target every 10 seconds. Tennessee had no problems hitting all of my ships turrets.
Wow! Dominant victory! I expected to lose but not this badly. I have a feeling the guns on my ship just aren't strong enough and the initial non broadside phase is really bad for it's health. Tennessee is the exact opposite. Impressive! Congrats Ferram!

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