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Battleship Brawl Season 4! (Tournament Underway!)

Cool ships! 

[Image: attachment.php?aid=51984]
Montana looks stable with those pontoons! Plus it should prevent APHE to go into the hull before it detonates. Curious to see how well that works now. Also very colorful and easy to recognize! With a few sponsor stickers it would look like a racing/sompetition vehicle. 

[Image: LibertyorDeath.jpg]
Liberty or Death has a nice camo and a cool superstructure. The guns are far enough away from each other to make it difficult to disarm. It's also pretty long so it probably has lots of redundant ammo and compartments. 

[Image: mH6dG8z.jpg]
Not a Witch is a chubby BB. I bet it's well armed and/or well armored. Something makes me think the name is a lie. Maybe it's the witch hat. XD 

[Image: ZW7L3tN.jpg]
The floating battlechurch of Saint Augustin reminds me of Warhammer for some reason. XD Looks impressive! Cool cathedral in the middle! Can't wait to see that big chunk of wood explode into bits. Awesome stuff!

[Image: NmEEcwLl.png]
Attack of the X cromosome! XD Looks strange but cool! Nice details in the middle. With 32 single gun turrets it is very scary! I thought I'll have the most guns with 21 but this has 50% more. Respect! 

Now I feel like posting some pics of my BB.
[Image: hzdO76A.jpg] [Image: rB28hdm.jpg]
HMS Overlord. Almost 300m long, has thin armor, has 21 1900mm APHE guns, it's big, slow and has lots of easily destroyable decoration. I hope it'll win a fight or two.

Good luck everyone! Smile

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