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Battleship Brawl Season 4! (Tournament Underway!)

(2018-08-29, 12:08 AM)Nobidexx Wrote: I'm not sure I understand how ships will be chosen for the Champion's Qualifier. Is it possible that not all champions will participate (for example if there's a lot of champions), and thus some get eliminated due to beauty votes, perhaps despite never having lost a fight?

If so, this sounds very prone to abuse. For example, if an entry proves to be very strong during the regular season, it's in everyone's best interest to vote against inducting it to the hall of beauty (while voting for the other ships), no matter how good it actually looks. It's thus possible to get unfairly eliminated.

Why not simply include all the champions in the qualifier? I know you probably added that rule to prevent a box with guns from winning the tournament (for example Draba's design last season?), but this seems unnecessary for season 4 as the stricter rules should already forbid such designs.

Replying to this even though we discussed it on the Discord just so others will know:

I'm now taking losses into account for being selected for the Champion's qualifier. Basically, a loss will apply a penalty to your beauty score to determine a ship's ranking and thus position in the Champion's Qualifier, but not for induction into the Hall of Beauty. If two ships still have very similar beauty scores (within 5% of each other) after this adjustment, then the decision will go to a tiebreaker battle. If the two ships have already fought, whoever won that battle wins the tiebreaker. If they have never fought then I will host a special battle for them and the victor gets the spot. This only really applies at the cutoff point, though. Whatever that ends up being. It doesn't really matter who comes in 3rd or 4th if I'm running 8 slots, after all, since I'll be randomizing the entrants for the Champion's Qualfier as well.

(2018-08-29, 12:26 AM)Pakus Wrote: Discrimination of functional units !!!111 )))

I do not like that myself.

Those who want that their opponent spent resources not on the functional = made his unit weaker... Wink always shouting without stopping.
It's very difficult to communicate with them.

FTD is a game about inventions and new technologies.

But. There is one "but".
This is a role-playing CRAM tournament...

So, personally, I decided to spend a little bit of resources not where I should go, but in design.

I have no idea what you're getting at, sorry.

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