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Battleship Brawl Season 4! (Tournament Underway!)

Wow! Very good looking ships so far! Kaisering is beautiful! Very nice hull and superstructure shape and cool looking details! Those decorative secondaries are a very nice touch! Because of the relatively low number of guns I assume you're going for quality above quantity.

Karnivool's ship looks really cool! The new graphics makes it extra nice looking. Smile The super structure looks really impressive (probably just a lot of easily killed blocks but still very nice) and it has a LOT of guns. Scary!

I have a working ship but I still need to decorate it. Could take a while.

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RE: Battleship Brawl Season 4! (Accepting Submissions, due by September 7th) - by Tomson - 2018-08-27, 08:32 AM

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