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Battleship Brawl Season 4! (Tournament Underway!)

As far as I remember very big turrets are a bad idea. They won't be popped as easily now with better explosions and armoring them would be cheaper but an unlucky hit could still disable/damage a turret and with more guns in it you loose more fire power. 1 or 2 guns per turret with many turrets far away from each other sounds like a smart idea. I'm currently building 4-gun turrets because I'm not smart. ^^;
There must be a sweet spot between quality and quantity. I'm sure spamming cheap HE won't work well any more against ships with decent armor. Having few guns with too many components is going to be inefficient. I think a medium number of medium quality pen depth HE guns are the best choice but I might be wrong. It also depends on the target. Very strong guns are good against smaller heavily armored ships. Lots of very fast cheap HE/frag guns are good against large ships with paper armor.

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