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Battleship Brawl Season 4! (Tournament Underway!)

Depending on fusing of incoming shells, you CAN make armor that can last.
Using Time-after-impact fuse, a simple wall that is 'hit', then a relatively large void, will allow the explosion of the shell to happen in empty space. If that outer shell is hard enough, it will have slowed down the shell, bending its path downwards.

So having a delaying fuse like pendepth or TAI, you'd also want lower altitude fuse. If set to -10, a nearby miss still explodes relatively close to the hull, still doing *some* damage.

Also, all the bright-blue boards on the guide raft should contain more specific clues. I would also suggest taking a look at the CRAM stack of the turret in the middle.

As far as protection goes, Im afraid Im in the same boat as Brisby: make sure all your systems are buitl for redundancy. make sure theyre at least explosion-armored: 2 layers of metal should suffice.
Then, you can go the Tomson way (very thin wooden hull, very very large, where AP shells overpen and explosions drown in large empty chambers) or the old ferram way (near-solid design, with a cross-section containing loads of wooden and stone beams, backed by highAC beams.). Or you can try something in between: spaced armor with relatively sturdy layers. Very important: dont forget the deck! Have it armored, possibly hide a full wood/alloy deck inside on waterline, and one on deck height, serving as reserve buoyancy.


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-Ecclesiastes 3:3

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