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Battleship Brawl Season 4! (Tournament Underway!)

(2018-08-23, 02:33 PM)Skullsploder Wrote: By the way, any tips for a CRAM and battleship brawl noob? I know my APS stuff but CRAM is a whole different game, and in campaign I just sidestep the issue by dodging or using LAMS. Any advice is welcome, from armouring ideas to CRAM suggestions (although NutterChap's raft helped a bunch there).

On armouring, i think, despite these armour changes, it still mostly the same. Redundancy and blockspam. You basically want them to drown in useless blocks.
Trying to stop or reflect CRAM shell is usually unviable (or impossible), as they have ridiculous damage and easy to setup methods to counter bouncing. So making a wall that will survive hits is unviable. 

Hmm, I can post here old LuckyShot from BBrawl3, with it's few heavy piercing guns it's apparently decent testbed now.
Makes things.
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