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Battleship Brawl Season 4! (Tournament Underway!)

>Death of Virtue by Shieldmate in BBrawl3
Was a zombie gunbrick in creative remotely shiplike cardboard disguise.
* * *
I was trying to CRAMify the Temeraire, and discovered funy thing: simply filling the boat with wood beams (by autofill, even not trying to fill non-4x1 holes) makes it very resistant to pendepth crams. It holds even against LuckyShot's guns!
And this costs omly 4k more than original, and still sits near waterline.
Makes things.
The fastest thing in the universe is sluggish... Years, decades, centuries from star to star.

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RE: Battleship Brawl Season 4! (Accepting Submissions, due by September 7th) - by DraWay - 2018-08-23, 10:32 AM

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