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Battleship Brawl Season 4! (Tournament Underway!)

It's great to see you back, Menti! 

I have a few clarifying questions about the rules:

(2018-08-21, 03:46 AM)Menti Wrote:
  • Aimpoint Selection card is allowed but only with the target random block setting. All other settings are banned.

Does this mean that changing the target-selection timer (time before attacking another block) to a value other than 30 seconds is banned?

(2018-08-21, 03:46 AM)Menti Wrote:
  • All vessels will undergo a 5 minute test battle vs a copy of itself. The design must be capable of dealing significant damage to itself within that timeframe.

- What is the criteria for "significant damage" in the 5 minute mirror match?

Other questions:
- On Centralized materials (12,500): Am I allowed to have material boxes on my submission?

- Am I allowed to use an ACB to force the AI into Combat mode (if enemy is near or upon spawning), or should there be a way to allow the AI to be disabled if the craft is DQ'd?

- On Naval AI settings: Are there any specific restrictions to the Naval AI (broadside minimum range can be 0) aside from the broadside range not clashing with the maximum engagement range?

I would appreciate your insight, thank you!

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