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Battleship Brawl Season 4! (Tournament Underway!)

Battleship Brawl Season 4

Here we are, folks! I'm back, it's back, we're back! It has been way too long and I've been missing making videos. Time to get back in the saddle!

Construction Rules
  • CRAM cannons of any caliber are the only allowable weapon. All other forms of weaponry and damage dealing, including those that don’t deal damage to an enemy ship itself (such as LAMs), are banned. This includes using spinblocks to rotate structural blocks in order to do damage. It's fine to use that for aesthetics, but if it becomes apparent that it is also meant to be a weapon then it will not be allowed.
  • Boat propellers, both small and huge, are the only allowed form of locomotion. Unless being used in a JBG (see below), they must be mounted externally. Whether used for propulsion or on a JBG, they must be placed facing rearward and symettrically around the center of mass, and set to main propulsion mode. A ship must be able to sail in a straight line when the AI is not telling it to turn.
  • Rudders and turning via differential thrust are banned. In order to turn your ship you must use JitterBgone2 turning devices. This is simply a huge propeller mounted on a spinblock controlled by ACBs.
    1. JBG spin blocks must me set to rotatable or rotatable (reverse) and cannot turn further than +/-85 degrees.
    2. You may have up to 9 mounted on your ship. Up to 3 may be mounted on the foreward end of the ship.
    3. JBGs may be mounted internally but they must be symmetrical around the ship's center of mass. Aka, the ship must sail straight when the AI ceases telling it to turn.
    4. Stacking multiple sub-objects to increase the rate at which a JBG changes direction is banned.
    5. JBGs may only rotate horizontally, not vertically.
    6. JBGs may have 1, and only 1, huge prop. No small props.
  • Jets (all types), dediblades, paddles, sails, hydrofoils, jet stabilizers, ect. are banned. I'm saying this twice to just to make sure: Small and huge propellers are the only allowed method of propulsion.
  • Submarines are banned. Surface vessels only, please.
  • Shields are banned.
  • Repair tentacles are banned.
  • Helium pumps are banned.
  • LUA is banned.
  • EMP is banned.
  • Docking stations are banned.
  • Aimpoint Selection card is allowed but only with the target random block setting. All other settings are banned.
  • Any banned block may be used for purely aesthetic purposes. If it has /any/ mechanical function, however, it won't be allowed.
  • Excessive clipping is banned. Excessive clipping has two main definitions (see below), but is not strictly limited to only those two situations.
    1. Placing a block on a turret or spinblock that occupies the same space as another block.
    2. The rotation of a turret or spinblock causes a something to clip through a block on another sub-object that it would normally be unable to pass through were that block mounted on the hull instead of another sub-object. This only applies to the rotation of the turret itself, not to the elevation/depression of gun barrels.
  • Max Materials: 225,000
  • Max vehicles per blueprint: 1
  • Max entries per person: 1
  • Entries will be spawned in facing one another at a distance of 2000m. You may use a spawn stick to alter your ship's spawning orientation, but since the only purpose of such a spawn stick is to provide a tactical advantage, it counts toward your material limit. You MAY NOT use the stick to significantly alter the RANGE at which your ship spawns, only its orientation, nor may you place any blocks on it other than structural blocks and sub-vehicle spawners.
  • Centralized resource system will be used. Each entry will be given 12,500 materials for the production of ammo and repairing. Gaining resources through the damage and destruction of your opponent will be turned off.
  • Automatic detection (1.0 detection) will be used, so there is no requirement to build detection equipment.
  • Out Of Bounds Rules - Maximum range is 2000m. Being in excess of this distance while moving away will result in penalty time being added to your vessel. Going above 10m in altitude or below -10m in depth as read in the Altitude reading in the ship's "V" menu will also cause time to be added to your penalty timer. If you reach 60 seconds of penalty time, your ship will be disqualified and immediately de-spawned in a fiery nuclear explosion, granting victory to your opponent. These rules will be handled by Wootness's Tournament mod so that I don't have to stare at the clock and the range screen.
  • All vessels will undergo a 5 minute test battle vs a copy of itself. The design must be capable of dealing significant damage to itself within that timeframe.
  • Finally, any ship that I deem not in the spirit of the competition, cheesy, or simply not entertaining to watch will not be allowed. High quality aesthetics are not required, nor does your ship have to look anything like a classical battleship or even a boat, but it does need to have a minimum amount of aesthetics and effectiveness. If it does not, it will not be allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, a vehicle being nothing but a brick/raft with guns on it, it being so woefully under-armed that it cannot do significant damage, or being so unstable that it capsizes and/or sinks easily.
Battle Format

-Each match is best of 3

-Each battle will be a maximum of 10 minutes long

-A 5% difference in HP is required to declare a victor. If the 10 minute time limit expires and this requirement is not met, the battle is a draw.

--If the match is a tie going into its third battle, the 5% rule will be suspended as a definite victory and defeat must be declared for each match.

Tournament Format

-There will be an active field of 10 participants. The waiting queue begins with the 11th vehicle in line. This ordering will be randomly generated.

--The vehicle at the top of the list is the Active Combatant (AC). Videos will always feature the Active Combatant. The AC begins its run by battling the second vehicle in the active field. Then it battles the third, then the fourth, then the fifth. So on and so forth until it either manages to accumulate a total of 7 wins or 3 losses, whichever comes first. This means a vehicle can be retired before it gets the opportunity to become the Active Combatant and that no two vehicles will fight each other more than once.

--Upon winning its 7th match, a vehicle is retired into the Hall of Champions.

--Upon losing its 3rd match, a vehicle has Fallen.

--A Hall of Beauty vote will be held on a Google Forms survey. The links to the specific survey for each ship will be linked in the description of battles it participates in. These surveys will be held open for 1 week after the vessel retires. The survey will be 1 question: Does <insert ship name> deserve to be in the Hall of Beauty? If 85% or more of the votes are yes, the ship will be inducted into the HoB.

--If a vehicle is inducted into both the Hall of Champions and the Hall of Beauty, it enters the Hall of Fame and gets automatic entrance into the post season.

-When a vehicle retires, it is removed from the active field and the remaining vessels shift upward in the list by one. This includes adding the entry at the top of the waiting queue to the active field.

Post Season

-Once all vehicles have been retired, the post season begins. All Hall of Famers receive automatic entry into the Grand Finals, but the Champions must fight for the right to enter.

Champion's Qualifier
-Based upon a number of factors, including but not limited to then number of entrants, the number of Champions, and the number of Hall of Famers, a certain number of slots will be opened for the Champion's Qualifier.
--Whether your Champion vessel gets one of these slots depends on the votes it receives for entering the Hall of Beauty, with an adjustment based on the number of matches lost (not individual battles). This adjustment is 10% per loss. If you receive 65% yes votes and lose twice to become a Champion, your effective beauty score for the purpose of being selected for the Champion's Qualifier will be 45%. This DOES NOT affect your score for the purpose of being inducted into the Hall of Beauty. If you lose twice and have a beauty score of 85% or more, you still enter the Hall of Beauty.
---If two vessels have a similar effective beauty score (within 5% of one another) then the winner of the battle between them gets the higher rank. If they have not met in combat before then I will host a special battle to determine the rankings. (Note: This sort of battle will likely only be done if the outcome determines who gets into the Champion's Qualifier and who does not. There is no point in deciding who is in 3rd and 4th place if the tournament has 8 slots)
-The tournament will be a single elimination, bracket style tournament. Each match will be best 2 out of 3 and will continue until the Champions have been further trimmed down to a number dependant upon the number of Hall of Famers (more HoF ships means less slots for Champions to qualify, basically). Those who survive will earn a place in the Grand Finals

Grand Finals
-Hall of Famers are automatically entered into the Grand Finals while only the Champions who survive the Champion's Qualifier cuts will be entered. Champions WILL NOT be allowed to receive a bye.
--The Grand Finals will be a single elimination tournament with best 2 out of 3 matches. Whoever wins the Grand Finals will be crowned the Grand Champion!

PLEASE include your name in the blueprint's filename, such as Manticore by Menti. It makes it much easier for me to keep things organized and thus prevents me from missing someone.

-Submissions may be sent to me via forum PM (you'll need to upload to an external, 3rd party hosting service like dropbox and provide me the link), Discord PM (I'm Menti#4547), or via e-mail at with the subject "(your name here)'s entry for the BB Brawl" or something along those lines. Like everyone else, I get plenty of spam e-mails. If your subject is just something like "Hi there!" I'm likely to assume it is spam and not open it. Submissions are due by 9PM eastern time on September 8th

-Finally, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, join us on my Discord server! Just click here:

Awaiting Approval


Danubia II by Black Hand
Gwiyeoun Issy by Gaming19
Maurits by Cythphn
Otsarva by Karnivool
Kaiserin Class Battlecruiser by Coneezean Emperor
Charon by Sentinel2k6
Arc de Leon by Adnecrias
WSS Lingon by Flax
GIV April Showers by MrNukealizer
Accursed by Ipsok
BB15 Phoenix by NutterChap
Crossfire by harnas1977
Goliath Class by Pikmug
Flying Dutchman by Dountoun
Motherland by Commisar Ivan
CSBIV-E by Draway
Leviathan by Xanderzoo
USS Legionaire by 219thlegion
Liberty or Death by Rocky
Capitol by Ilackcreativityinnames
Slapdash by Anickle
BB43 Tennessee by ferram4
Blademaster by Seminastro
Deathmonger by Snakehead101
GRN 3AM by Griffon467
Heart of the Tempest by TONY
HMS Overlord by Tomson
I Like Alloy Beeeeems by Mr Fish
Limited Potential by TheShadowKick
Not A Witch by local
Polaris by Blunderguy
Richelieu by Armenor
St. Augustin by Shieldmate
The Revenge of the Return of HMS Obdurateness by Branjoman
The Revenge of the Return of the Curse of Oyashiro-Sama by TheBrisbyMouse
USS Montana by Greyfell
Varluk Class Dreadnought by mSerzhan
Vehicle 207 by Kiwibirb
Wapenstilstandsonderhandelingen by Awellner... who is a jerk.
Funkrome by Char
HIRMS Grand Duchess Anastasia by Arkhangelsk and Sov
Scimitar of whos name shall not be pronounced by _P_S_

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