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Invasion of the Modern Earth! Custom AOTE with modern armored vehicles!

All Modern armored vehicles used in the campaign will be posted in a few days to the blueprint section for downloading! They are about 3.5 times the dimensions as their IRL counter parts, just imagine that a meter in Neter is a little shorter than a foot......

The custom AOTE has all the resources increased drastically to fuel the expensive Earth war machines. Difficulty 0.5, enemy growth 0.4, localized resources, because I suck at the campaign, plus that my AFVs are built with Earth doctrine in mind and they are really bad in Neter. Without further ado, let's begin!

[Image: bdmsNtC.jpg]


    The year is 2020, a mysterious army stroke a Russian garrison in the north of a middle east country by the Mediterranean Sea, followed by a few tactical nuclear detonations that nearly wiped out the RU FOR in the zone. Russia immediately blamed NATO for the unprovoked attack, and the forces of both sides in the European theater were put into high alert.
    However, as the NBC recon units entering the blast zone, recovering battle wreckage of the enemy unknown and rescuing surviving Russian soldiers, it was plain obvious that the assailants were not from this world. Cybernetic beings about one third the height of a human, sporting hovering thrusters, extended use of combat artificial intelligence, weaponized lasers, all the clear sign that these are extraterrestrials. What's more, a rather unstable portal was discovered not very far from the blast zone, which is now dubbed "Stargate Site."
    The revelation, surprisingly, brought NATO and Russia together, as these cybernetic life forms are considered threat to the human race, as Hostile Extraterrestrials (HE). Russia took the initiative, entered the Stargate, and established an outpost with the help of a local collaborator, a junk scavenger, while everyone else was debating what to do. Soon, UN authorized the formation of a expedition force called Joint Task Force Armored Shield through the portal, made up of primarily US and RU forces already in the region, to go through the Stargate in order to cease all HE threats. Follow up Coalition reinforcements from UK, France, Germany and China are on their way to the Stargate Site.

Joint Task Force Armored Shield:


    1. Advanced recon suggests the HE occupied Exo-Planet, named by locals Neter, is a habitable environment to human, with nitrogen-oxygen air. The lower gravity and higher air density, however, rendered all of our aircrafts unusable in the theater, with gun and missile based system encountering massive performance drop. The open terrain is suitable for heavy armors.
    2. After the purposeful destruction of the Stargate by HE on the Exo-Planet following the initial attempt to start diplomatic negotiations, a second gate has been constructed by a local collaborator using salvaged parts from the first gate. The new gate is far from the power center of the HE.
    3. RU forces has already entered the Stargate and established an outpost. The Stargate and the surrounding area will be our foothold on the Exo-Planet.
    4. HE are divided into different factions and are constantly in-fighting.
    5. High value technology being used on the battle field, including but not limited to laser, particle cannon , energy shields, and advanced combat AI.

Mission Objective:

    1. Cessation of all HE threat in the region to force a de facto cease fire to pave way for future diplomatic negotiations
    2. Capture and analysis of HE technology
    3. The Stargate HQ cannot be lost, or all traffic with the Earth will be lost.

D-Day 0700 hours

A platoon sized advanced RU unit materialized on the other side of

the Stargate and made contact with the collaborator. They immediately brought in a container full of supplies and set up a Pantsir AA system. They also brought in two BMP2s and two T90As.
[Image: CDZskM0.jpg]

[Image: lqZXOTJ.jpg]
[Image: djFxGM5.jpg]

A few days later, after two RU armored platoons passed through the gate, they came under attack by local factions DG and Twin guards. Two battles at the north and south outpost were fought, and the RU forces emerged victorious with minimal casualty.
[Image: rXBHT21.jpg]
[Image: Gp3YfOl.jpg]
[Image: eSyueto.jpg]

When the RU forces returned to the Stargate HQ with their easy victory, they meet some unexpected, yet expected guests.
"What are you doing here, Americans?"
"We are your allies. This is the order from your general, who is now reporting to the UN security council. A day ago the Joint Task Force Armored Shield was deployed to the Exo-Planet, and you have became part of it now."
The Americans brought in logistical vehicles, which greatly increased the repair and refit rate of all coalition vehicles.

[Image: VrjsbSp.jpg]

AA Vehicles were brought in as well, supplementing the Tunguska units the Russians brought in.
[Image: EH2w5sO.jpg]

I will continue this campaign in another day. Let me know whether you like this premise!

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