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Gas flow arrows?

Soooo I have a bit of a problem. I like building big. Maybe a bit too big.

And, as it happens, big ships usually need big engines, especially if you're using lasers.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=51618]
(The picture does not do it justice, those are 11x32x11 engines. That times four.)

The problem with big engines is you're gonna have alot of mistakes. A simple gas flow arrow mechanic would come a long way.
Because right now the gas is flowing the wrong way somewhere and I have no idea where. It's hurting my fuel efficency by quite a lot.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=51619]
(I know that's not an efficent engine, calm your tits)

Maybe make it a toggleable feature in the build menu? It would help a lot.
If my ship isn't capable of wiping out every other ship in the game, it's not powerful enough.

The attached images don't work for me.

As for the gas flow, the flow is generally not limited into any direction, I'm not sure your idea is viable.

Look at the overlay when you have the build cursor over the pipe segment you're looking at. It tells you how far away the outlet is. Note that distance. Go to an adjacent pipe segment, and look at how far away the outlet is for this pipe. If it's closer than the previous pipe, then the gas is flowing from pipe 1 to pipe 2. If not, then it's flowing the other way.

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