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problems with main battery

sure here u go

(tried also with HA all the way down)

in my external testing the seal was fine

last one i set off with the debug deathray

manual/(debug) set off work as intendet

normaly i build it in a way if the head is struck/pent the explosin of the shill will follow the gaugesnack to the mags(what cant be helped i think)
the mag go of and lunching ther shell against an solid HA wall this explosion will follow 2 path on up the way back where the shell explosion come from
and down thought some more gunparts and inside the ship where is an area with nothing in it all other pathes are seeled

what is disapointing in testing it works even if i slap nukes on the turet outside and set them off
they deal way more damage that one of my 289mm APHE shells can

the last 2 pic showcasing a turret head struck by one of those 289mm shell one corner block is missing and the gun is dead
one the last pic u can see heavy internal damage (and as i said only fireing APHE)

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like's strange music Tongue

So If I'm understanding correctly:

in your latest tests the loss of one gun isn't killing the other 2.  That's an improvement certainly, but the issue is it takes too little damage to kill one of the guns in the first place?
In that case I can only think that reinforcing the cannon is your only recourse.
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