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Sea Encounters: Ironclads [Discussion]

So! I was experimenting with the torpedoes... Turns out what my torpprop-fins-fuel-explosive warhead torpedo goes at a whopping 102m/s (thank you update for giving us that info!) The VERY first torpedo went barely 3m/s. The next one went 9m/s. Do you see my dilemma? XD jk. I'm not going to make you guys need to make your torpedoes slower than the ships they're supposed to fire at. What I did notice however, is that without ballast, the torpedoes go right to the surface and just bounce. And there's a bug where you can't set torpedo depth to anything lower than 5m or 0m. :/ So I'll allow 3-gantry torpedoes. prop-fin-fuel-ballast-explosive-explosive.

In other news: 

[Image: BZpCF6d.png]
4.0 wave height and maximum storm is really, really cool looking.

[Image: ibX0YuV.png]
Looks like some sort of WWII ASW action movie if Micheal Bay used massive waves instead of explosions. The protagonist is preparing to ram the U-Boat after having made his ship climb up a mountainous wave and charged down the other side!

Don't worry. You don't have to make your ships function in this. (Any ship that goes in this really turns into a submarine. Half the time they're totally underwater.) And the rain is still falling across the screen when under water for some reason. As well as thunder and such instead of it being far muffled.

Oh, how it functions (I believe) is the waves go a distance up above the normal water level and a lot of it is below water level. Like, 50m below. My subs were traveling in and out of them every now and again at their main depth.

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