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Sea Encounters: Ironclads [Discussion]

Beep Beep. Ok. Let's see if 'new reply' makes it work.

@DraWay: Yeah. It's irritating that this is consistently borked. :/

...I need to play the game again...

Edit: Yay it worked!

Another edit: I totally don't have an idea for a joke casemate ironclad based off the fried chicken containers at where I work...

Some rules have been changed/clarified! Major changes: NO repair bots allowed! And pendepth can now be whatever you want it to be! And the spawn distance has been lowered to 1k instead of 2.5k!
Minor changes: Just some clarifying what I mean in the mix-and-matching rules. Monitor rules changed slightly to allow an extra 50%, rounded up, instead of just two more guns. (Yes. a 95mm monitor-class ship could have 54 guns. However that's a literal metric crap load of resource in guns alone, never mind how absurd and fragile such a ship would end up being.) And the graphics (at this time) are in simple quality. Colors look different. Gonna be fiddling with it later though.

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