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Sea Encounters: Ironclads [Discussion]

1) Alright, so I should remove the repair bots? [If I do so, monitor captains, BE SURE THE TURRETS DON'T SHOOT EACH OTHER!]
2) Hmm. Fair enough, although that WAS at ~3k distance. This will be, hopefully, many times smaller.
3) Uh, example of the no-brainer-must-take-trait? Like Sabot in the LC and BB tourneys? I'll edit it for 'allowed shell parts: GP, Pendepth, Inertial, HE, Solid, HECap, APCap.' That would make these battles more interesting. BUT keeping the 1m-or-baaaarely-into-2m shell rules.
4) So allow the 100 Ton Gun to be on a standard turret with the other guns being monitor style?
5) Ok. That does make sense, I was thinking a bit more toward the 305 when thinking about them. I like Ferram's idea. Take 50% and round up to the nearest whole number...
6) Alrighty. :3
7) I'll need to do that...Although, dunno if my set up would be the most optimal. XD

Alright, I waaaas thinking more civil war era and attacking wooden ships, but it does make sense to allow the ships higher penetration when fighting other metal ships.

No idea yet! Haven't had the chance to fiddle with it. Hopefully I'll not be distracted with youtube long enough to build something tomorrow.

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