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Sea Encounters: Ironclads [Discussion]

(2018-08-07, 08:51 AM)NutterChap Wrote: I can easily provide any% drive propeller prefabs, yeah. For the record, I spileld the beans in an FTD fighting ships thread once, which Tomson picked up. His thread has all the relevant information, basically, to start making those power-props yourself:

Oh sweet! Gonna be putting a hard limit on the speed though. 15 m/s is 29 knots, no ship of this era, sailing or otherwise, is capable of such speeds. Not until WWII times. So 10 m/s (19 knots) is the maximum speed. "Improved Props" are allowed to get your ship to that point. A little over 10m/s is allowed, but once you're at 11 m/s, no. Even 10.8 might be too much. Does that sound fair?

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