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Sea Encounters: Ironclads [Discussion]

What effect will have a spinblock rudder made of paddles? Never tried this... Do they somehow work in this case?
Hydrofoils don't recognize spinblock angling, this one I tried. However they may be way to go if their own "angle" can be limited in speed, so no instaturns.
Didn't test spinblocked wings.

For propulsion, in normal FtD reality you need tiny engine to feed all yer propellers. Thus usual hardcaps on speed or props. Harnas did a new step with cylinder only engines, but these are still too small to be a concern for movement only application, so he also limited props.
And what I'm thinking here is next step, to somehow make cost and size of sufficient powerplant the main speed limiter, maybe even allow hacked 500% drive propeller to utilize it without spam.

Ask for power per paddle is indeed possible solution, though need some testing.
Build a boat, slap there two huge props with enough powah, add weight until it goes desired speed. Then swap propellers for paddles with 100% engine assists and add (actually working) paddleblocks until it reaches same speed. Then divide that 150(?) power by number of paddles. Or something like that.

Why exactly 1 meter shells?
Also, noodle barrels?

For spar mine, how about... NUKE?
These used stupid charge of kaboomium compared to torpedoes of the time.
NUKE, and it needs to be on a retracting stick. So if it gets hit early, all kaboomium will be applied to carrier itself.
Even if not nuke, ask for the stick.

For gun numbers and calibers... I think that mixing gunnery of sailing broadsides and the ironclads into single table isn't good idea... As isn't good mixing of wooden broadsides with ironclads in the first place. It said, ironclad made old ships obsolete, probably even more so than with the Dreadnought.
Maybe, let's focus on actual ironclads? Metal coat, heavy guns (so like 180-305mm mainly, no or minimum of pewers and no dozens of barrels), mechanical propulsion (props or paddles) as mandatory and sails as option.

And here's proposition on two main classes: casemate and turreted.

Casemate cannot have anything but AI and gun components on subobjects (excluding spar mines), and cannot have more than 2 centerline guns - one fore, one aft., and none of them can have 360deg arc, representing conventional ironclad ships of time.

Turreted can have turrets at centerline and armoured, but cannot use wood in construction (but maybe up to 1,5 meters metal?), so will be smaller and easier to sink, representing early monitor class.
Makes things.
The fastest thing in the universe is sluggish... Years, decades, centuries from star to star.

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