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Poll: Would Bubble Shields be a good idea?
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Yes, having Bubble and Directional Shields is good.
14 77.78%
Yes, but get rid of Directional shields
3 16.67%
No, Bubble Shields wouldn't be a good addition
1 5.56%
Total 18 vote(s) 100%
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Bubble Shields

As we know, the current shield system is either overpowered or completely useless. I've looked at and have liked a lot of the ideas for bubble shielding as a new method if shields along with fixing the old directional projectors.

First, fixes for the directional

1: Have only two options, Kinetic for deflection of kinetic munitions like ACs, and CRAMs, and Energy for absorbsion of energy using weapons like Laser and PACs.

2. Shields should have a set health depending on power and size. Example: a 1x1 shield with a power of one has 100 health or something. Maybe an equation like (Volume) ^Ln (Power) = Total shield health.

3. Give an angling bonus to directional kinetic shields under the equation (Health) / Sin (angle)
(Not really sure about calculations for angling on multiple plains.)

4. Give shields specific AP values allowing higher AP shells to do heavier damage.

5. Disruptor Shells should do damage based on power of shields (higher shield power= more disruptor damage

Now on to Bubble Shields:

The Bubble shield will be a modular design just like all complex weapons and engines. It will have a main part the projector where you can adjust the stats to your liking such as:

Length: the length of the bubble shield

Width: the width of the shield

Height: you get the point...

Max Power Draw: Set the max percentage of power the shield can use to charge from (1-100%)

Battery Power Usage: Set percentage of battery power to be used for charging of shield (0-100%)

But for other stats, you must add on parts to the projector to increase power and other stats for the shield.

Power Module: Increase overall base power to shield but increases energy consumption at an increasing rate based on number of modules. (Coefficient)x (Modules)^X

Field Expander: Allows bigger fields but also increases power consumtion.

Field Reinforcer: increases AP tolererance of the shield drastically increases power consumption.

Shield Charging Module allows quicker charging of shield. Effect stacks but caps out using some sort of sqrt quadratic function based on size and power of shield.

Shield Fusing Core: Increases amount of EMP/Disruptor Conduit Tolerance. Effects stack. Would be based on a sqrt quadratic equation based on amount of Fusing Cores and inverse to the power (more power= higher Disruptor Conduit effectiveness).

The modules create a trade-off. You can either have a spectrum of shieds that can be really good with one or a few stats, efficient with low stats, or very powerful with high power consumtion.

Pros and Cons of both projectors

Directional Shields
+Shielding is more custom. Allows for more selective shielding
+ More energy efficient. You don't need to account for power of shielding everywhere
+Less expensive.
+ Space efficient
+Angling Matters
- Harder to manage

Bubble Shielding
+Easier Management for shielding
+Guranteed Shields on everything inside the bubble
+Zero shield tetris
+More Customizable
-Heavier power toll on craft
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