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Anyone else feel like the game is in a bad state?

The forums are nowhere near as active as 2015-2016 even 2017.

Major YouTubers don't make videos on the game anymore and haven't for a long time (cough EE). Robbaz makes a video once in a blue moon, but it is not enough to bring people into the game.

The vehicle design section used to be filled with all kinds of great stuff, from laser hovercraft to WW2 replicas, from tanks, to attack planes. But now its someone looking for others to troubleshoot their raft or another generic "look at my futuristic laser battleship thing".

The game doesn't feel complete, there are multiple custom campaigns left abandoned, some even in the game and they don't work properly (cough dangerous waters).

The most active section of the forum is off topic.

I feel like Nick took too much of a gamble at just the wrong time to make FS. And that led to FTD being neglected for a while and the excuse being forgotten shores is being developed, and after the casual players saw that the game wasn't getting updates they slowly started leaving.

The only thing I feel that could save FTD now is a massive feature release with Nuclear reactors, missile overhaul, and some advanced cannon changes. Coupled with coverage by several major youtubers.
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Anyone else feel like the game is in a bad state? - by Combatsmithen - 2018-08-01, 03:10 PM

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