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The gun display fortress, mark II!

edit: Added several new, multi-firing pieces guns.

A quad, 500mm turret with 8m loaders.  This is meant for a possible upcoming tournament, and is limited by design to a rate of fire of ten shots a minute.  
A triple, 166mm turret with standard 1m loaders.  A light cruiser gun or possibly secondary on a big ship.
A quad, 348mm turret with 3M loaders.  as the first one, meant for a tournament and limited to roughly 15-18 shots per minute, per firing piece.

Just a nicely linear fortress lined up to show some of the turrets I've assembled.  Due to changes coming soon to the main line game, a lot of these will be obsolete (APS firing piece in DevTest now counts as 10 'cooling' units).  

Most of these were on my previous raft.  Spawning in on the chair, 'large' guns will be to the right (2+ firing pieces usually) and 'small' turrets to the left.

To the far left are several experiments with 'neck-less' turrets.  They seem to be much more compact, if not quite as well protected despite the over-done turret caps.

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.blueprint   Greyfell improved show raft.blueprint (Size: 289.22 KB / Downloads: 50)

Maker of moderately good: CRAM, APS, and engines.  

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