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2.2.0 LAMS Idea

Just a smol thread here for an idea I came up with using a new 2.2.0 ACB setting for changing LAMS color.

It requires 3 ACBs:

One to set LAMS color to green if no hostile munition closer than 300
One to set LAMS color to yellow if hostile munition closer than 200
One to set LAMS color to red if hostile munition closer than 100 (with priority over the second one)

This will, in effect, make LAMS change to a more worrying color when munitions are closer and have less room for error. Nothing functional, just a neat aesthetic idea. The ranges can be edited depending on max range set on LAMS, which can also be set quickly with an ACB. A similar idea can be applied to shields as power runs low (if batteries, or if engines overheat or are steam), and to lighting if rammers are a problem. It could also be used as a bearing setting for FBTs or suicide craft, with narrower bearings meaning green, but a high angle being bad and therefore green.
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