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Just a small idea. This is completely anti-WYSIWYG, but it's something that might make each ship a little bit more unique.

After you've saved your ship, you can edit it slightly (not placing/removing blocks, only editing blocks) in an "Edit Craft" button on the main menu. This loads up a blueprint-like interface that you can load ships into. Once you've loaded in a ship, you can't actually place or remove blocks, but you can edit variables on the ship (ACBs, default control method, A.I., etc.), which can then be saved once you're done tweaking it. It also has two other functions.

1. Under a "paint" section, you have two methods of painting your craft. One, you can view each layer of your craft (either X, Y, or (most likely) Z layers), and paint each individual block a different color. Two, you can place "blobs" of paint on your craft that will paint a very large area. This makes it possible to paint, say, a large interior very quickly, and then put paint over every block individually afterwards for a finer touch. Of course, you have the option of symmetry.

2. Under a "reinforce" section, you, like before, have the ability to view each X, Y, or Z layer of your craft. You can also choose to reinforce large areas of your craft, or reinforce individual blocks. What this does is it exponentially increases/decreases the resource cost of a block and gives/removes health or armor. For example, you may want to weaken the keel of the ship and instead reinforce the sides. The sides are made of wood, and the natural resource needed for wooden blocks is extremely abundant, so you reinforce it. You bump up the armor by 1.5x, increase the health by 1.3x, and make each block take up a decently large amount of natural resource. The keel, however, has a below average resource cost per block; on the other hand, a single frag torpedo will absolutely destroy the keel. What you get is an afterthought that allows you to make each section of your ship more/less vulnerable, instead of tacking on five more layers of metal.

Reinforcement doesn't work past 2x. If you do happen to double the armor and health of a block (or very nearly do so, since it'll be technically impossible to double it due to diminishing returns), the resource costs will be 8x. The armor & mass are multiplied together, and the health & drag are too. The reasoning for this is that all blocks of a type have the same armor: beams, blocks, and slopes all have the same armor, for example. However, the health of those blocks differs; beams have more health than blocks, and blocks have more health than slopes. This means that a beam, which already has high health and high drag, will have massive health and massive drag if reinforced heavily. It also means that a slope will have health just under that of a regular block and will have less drag than a regular block.

As you may have noticed from my wording, it's possible to make something even less reliable by taking away armor, health, drag, and mass. This opens the gates to super-cheap scout drones that have very low mass and drag but die instantly to a single shot. It also allows you to place hard points; on a small boat, it may be wise to weaken the back, sides, and bottom of the boat in exchange for a slight reinforcement of the top and a massive reinforcement of the front, which happens to be made out of metal. The result is a small boat that can take a shelling in the very front, but is incapable of depending itself if flanked.

If this were to be implemented, it would also be nice to be able to do this as you're building in build mode; maybe you're towards the end of the campaign and you have the resources to make a death cruiser wherein every block is reinforced to 1.999x its original health and armor? (Keep in mind reinforcing such a thing would make it abhorrently slow, forcing it to have extremely mobile turrets capable of defending it from all sides. A ship of that caliber would also be so unrealistically expensive that it wouldn't even be possible to build, unless you somehow massed up the unholy amount of resources needed to build it)

TL;DR: Increase or decrease the health, armor, drag, and mass of any block up to 2 times its original stats. Increase the resource cost by 8 times that. Large death cruisers that are nearly impenetrable to all but the largest of cannons are now possible, but require massive resource investments, and are made up of enough resources to make a hundred smaller ships just under their size.

Also, spray-painting ships in a special vehicle editing mode, and editing variables of certain blocks like ACBs or weapon systems.

EDIT: Or this. It's a much better idea overall; I'm keeping the original post just for reference, but this suggestion fulfills every desire without any significant drawback.

(2015-01-01, 08:47 AM)Bombzero Wrote: Now I would approve of more options for material type. maybe not getting THAT specific though =p.

A "Light" "Medium" and "Heavy" variant of wood and metal with some specialty ones like Stone and Ceramic would be nice. Possibly combined with the plating idea?
Light metal = aluminum-ish stuff
Medium = iron/etc
Heavy = solid steel/dense alloy
Woods are self-explanatory.
Ceramic for reducing heat and laser damage significantly.
Stone for well, a heavy thing made with Natural resource like it is now.

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