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CRAM rebalance to buff smaller gauges.

Smaller gauge CRAMs are pretty useless, but larger gauges are great. Without wanting to make smaller gauges OP in terms of damage, I feel a buff to fire rate is required.

The current calculation for min reload time is
[Image: 0241b00e0790847dbf0c0dbd4aa2714a.png]

While the net reload is
[Image: 645e6ad2ceb7724d861a0b088d2b1772.png]

My proposed min reload would be
Tmin = (d/600mm)^2

This keeps the 2000mm reload about the same, however other gauges change as follows (I’ve added a multiplier so you can see the change in reload speeds):
[Image: lr1gQyC.jpg]

Now we can have little dakka CRAMs? Rolleyes

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CRAM rebalance to buff smaller gauges. - by Shaun - 2018-07-22, 05:06 PM

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