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[IDEA] Additional particle cannon customisation options

(2018-07-21, 05:13 PM)TDplay Wrote: Also I have a countermeasure idea:
The particle cannon could be replaced with a Particle Field Generator, which could create a local "field" of particles.
The regular options would be present, but also an "anti-particle" mode. Having enough anti-particles in your field would render PCannons against you useless.

Particle cannons are complex and weak for their cost as the system currently lacks a counter.
But if they where made more user-friendly and cheaper in use and construction, then a hard counter or soft counter would be great.

I would like the particle cannon system to be expanded upon for some weapon variation, and all your suggestions would be good. 

I also suggest some new parts that would allow you to make ion-cannons like the ones found in Homeworld out of the particle cannon.

For those not familiar with the Homeworld game, the ion-cannon found there fire a large continuous beam after a short warm-up, similar to the simple laser.
The weapon had a satisfying charge up sound and solid effect that made it enjoyable on a deeper level. 
I have not been able to replicate it with lasers in from the depths.

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