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[IDEA] Additional particle cannon customisation options

Currently, a particle cannon can only be set to one mode for all its particles. First, I have an idea to change that. Placing a "Particle Modifier" at the start of a tube should allow you to change the type of particle on that, and only that, tube. This would allow, for example, you to have a particle cannon with both explosives and EMP. Also, it would allow firing apertures (if I got the name right) to launch a different particle than the rest of the cannon. It would also provide more of a reason to use terminators rather than inputs - more variety but less overall power. Of course, the old way would still work for a simpler design, and these modifiers shouldn't count to the arm length.

Second, I'm thinking a particle tube merger. It's like a T-pipe for particles. This would serve double purpose - allowing two particle outputs to use one input, or launching two particles through an aperture. However, for balance and to increase the design needed, an input feeder cannot take 2 different types of particle, else it goes boom (this wouldn't happen with apertures). Also, feeding it into a terminator will make the merger go boom - it isn't a splitter. Attempting to send 3 or more particles down one tube will cause a boom. Finally, the component is delicate and destroying it may cause collision of particles which will cause a large explosion.

Third, what about a particle director? Particles go in, and can be directed left or right. This could be changed manually or by ACB or LUA box. This would allow such fancy things as changing apertures, switching between apertures and main cannon, switching between a bunch of weak particles and a small amount of strong particles, and other fancy things.


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