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Imperial Navy of the Hearts of Iron Empire[Refromed] [UPDATE- 2 New Ships 24/04/19]

DD-01 MaryRose
[Image: uhEgd8D.jpg]
DD-01 MaryRose is the name ship of her class of 20 destroyers. She was originally built under the designation DD-0X, "X" meaning experimental. DD-0X was a ship plan to build small cheap boats to combat an enemy in time of war. DD-0X was massed produced in the final years of the first war, however many were lost. DD-01 was produced after the war as a final product and a redesign of DD-0X. Despite being a redesign and an improved destroyer, her low pressure engine means that she only gains speed of 28.8 knots, which isn't as fast as some of her competition when she was built. Although she is the oldest destroyer class in the fleet, she is still used for patrols and recon missions.


Speed - 28.8 Knots/14.8m/s
Armour - 1m Steel
Engine - 2x Amagi Type A15 "Low Pressure" Boilers-  1130 power each

4x1 4.7"/120mm Type 22 MK4A Naval Guns
2x1 Type 5 Auto-cannon AA
3X3 Type 7 Torpedoes

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.blueprint   DD-01 MaryRose.blueprint (Size: 269.43 KB / Downloads: 17)
"Anata no soba de! " - Hearts of Iron phrase.

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