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Imperial Navy of the Hearts of Iron Empire[Refromed] [UPDATE- 2 New Ships 24/04/19]

CL-05 Rei Class Light Cruiser
[Image: NkQ7uCa.jpg]
CL-05 Rei & CL-06 Yasuda are the first torpedo cruisers of the Imperial Hearts of Iron navy. Constructed from the same hull as CL-03 Kana, they suffer the same design problems, including the chance of roll. Because of this, they're considered sister classes. Rei and Yasuda feature the same 7 Type 2 Naval cannons. But unlike Kana, they feature 48 Type 10 torpedoes. Rei and Yasuda also feature no AA.
Speed- 16 m/s
Armour- 1m Steel
Engine- 2x Akagi Type-4 "Low Pressure" Boilers- 3.7-3.8k power each
7x1 5.5"/140mm Type 2 Naval Cannons
48 4x12 Type 10 Torpedoes

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.blueprint   CL-05 Rei Class Light Cruiser.blueprint (Size: 427.85 KB / Downloads: 15)
"Anata no soba de! " - Hearts of Iron phrase.

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