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Imperial Navy of the Hearts of Iron Empire[Refromed] [UPDATE- 2 New Ships 24/04/19]

Imperial Navy of the Hearts of Iron Empire!
[Image: FdoWogc.jpg]

The National Flag of the Empire
"Anata No Soba De!"
The national saying of the empire, translates to "By your side!"

The Naval Flag:
[Image: aWrffzX.jpg]

Hearts of Iron Empire!

Lore: The imperial navy has had a reputation of never actually being used for combat since the age of sail. The only combat ships in the first fleet were cargo ship refitted with 8" cannons. The fleet was founded 400 years ago and has a long history. After the first war, its wasn't much of a great war, the empire put millions into funding the new fleet and as such ships are being designed and produced. These ships will range from Coastal and river patrol boats to Huge Battleships and great Aircraft carriers. The funding will also cover and new branch from the navy, this will be naval aviation which will include a wide range of planes and a few airships/blimps. Because most of the technology the empire has is new, the majority of ships will feature differences and similarities and experimental ships, weapons and other tech on these ships will either stay or go in future classes, depending on testing. This navy was designed to defend the empires' borders and resources however due to the outbreak of another war, the fleet is used for strikes, scouts, patrols and defense missions. The empire had planned to have 100 different ship classes before another war broke out, however due to production time, less than 75 ships were produced. The second war breaks out between the Empire and another nation of power shortly after project "Life Lessons" was completed. Any other information on the fleet is classified and should be discussed in private.

Events(Info for these will come eventually):
Start of the "Great" War (First war)
The last Line to Yamato
The Fall of Yamato
Retaking Yamato
The Purge
The Final Push
The Fall of a continent
Forming The Federation

Birth of a New Age
Rise of the UVF
New Allies
A looming shadow
First Strike

(Second War)
Operation Stone Beach
Attack From All Sides
Fall of Aikotoba


BB-01 Yamamoto
BB-02 Yato
BB-03 Tomomuri
BB-04 Curi
BB-05 Kuri
BB-06 Ruri

Light Cruisers:
CL-01 Ruby
CL-02 Sapphire
CL-03 Kana
CL-04 Nishino
CL-05 Rei
CL-06 Yasuda
CL-07 Sutōrī 
CL-08 Shōsetsu
CL-09 Uta
CL-10 Haiku
CL-11 Kanashī 
CL-12 Shi 
CL-13 Ai 
CL-14 Taizai
CL-15 Iku
CL-16 Saru
CL-17 Kibō 

Heavy Cruisers:

Battle Cruisers:

DD-01 MaryRose
DD-21 Rose

Aircraft Carriers:

A1G - Recon/Fighter

M1A - Torpedo Bomber (designed for the "Life Lessons" project)
N1E - Scout/Recon
"Anata no soba de! " - Hearts of Iron phrase.

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