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Imperial Navy of the Hearts of Iron Empire[Refromed] [UPDATE- 2 New Ships 24/04/19]

Imperial Navy of the Hearts of Iron Empire!
[Image: FdoWogc.jpg]

The National Flag of the Empire
"Anata No Soba De!"
The national saying of the empire, translates to "By your side!"

The Naval Flag:
[Image: aWrffzX.jpg]

Hearts of Iron Empire!

Lore: The imperial navy has had a reputation of never actually being used for combat since the age of sail. The only combat ships in the first fleet were cargo ship refitted with 8" cannons. The fleet was founded 400 years ago and has a long history. After the first war, its wasn't much of a great war, the empire put millions into funding the new fleet and as such ships are being designed and produced. These ships will range from Coastal and river patrol boats to Huge Battleships and great Aircraft carriers. The funding will also cover and new branch from the navy, this will be naval aviation which will include a wide range of planes and a few airships/blimps. Because most of the technology the empire has is new, the majority of ships will feature differences and similarities and experimental ships, weapons and other tech on these ships will either stay or go in future classes, depending on testing. This navy was designed to defend the empires' borders and resources however due to the outbreak of another war, the fleet is used for strikes, scouts, patrols and defense missions. The empire had planned to have 100 different ship classes before another war broke out, however due to production time, less than 75 ships were produced. The second war breaks out between the Empire and another nation of power shortly after project "Life Lessons" was completed. Any other information on the fleet is classified and should be discussed in private.

Events(Info for these will come eventually):
Start of the "Great" War (First war)
The last Line to Yamato
The Fall of Yamato
Retaking Yamato
The Purge
The Final Push
The Fall of a continent
Forming The Federation

Birth of a New Age
Rise of the UVF
New Allies
A looming shadow
First Strike

(Second War)
Operation Stone Beach
Attack From All Sides
Fall of Aikotoba


BB-01 Yamamoto
BB-02 Yato
BB-03 Tomomuri
BB-04 Curi
BB-05 Kuri
BB-06 Ruri

Light Cruisers:
CL-01 Ruby
CL-02 Sapphire
CL-03 Kana
CL-04 Nishino
CL-05 Rei
CL-06 Yasuda
CL-07 Sutōrī 
CL-08 Shōsetsu
CL-09 Uta
CL-10 Haiku
CL-11 Kanashī 
CL-12 Shi 
CL-13 Ai 
CL-14 Taizai
CL-15 Iku
CL-16 Saru
CL-17 Kibō 

Heavy Cruisers:

Battle Cruisers:

DD-01 MaryRose
DD-21 Rose

Aircraft Carriers:

A1G - Recon/Fighter

M1A - Torpedo Bomber (designed for the "Life Lessons" project)
N1E - Scout/Recon
"Anata no soba de! " - Hearts of Iron phrase.

The first ships in the fleet
[Image: 2JZDJKV.jpg]
BB-01 & 02- Yamamoto & Yato
Ship Stats
Top speed: 19m/s or 36.93 knots
2-3m Main armour(Metal)
1m citadel(Metal)

3x2- 381mm/ 15"- 6m- AP,HE,Frag,PenDepth shell
1x6- 102mm/ 4"- 4m- AP shell
8x2- 30mm/ 1.1"- 2m- AP shell

There isn't much information about the surviving ships of the first Imperial Navy, only that only 2 Battleships and a Destroyer class survived.
However from what information there is, we know that the battleships were designed for heavy bombardment and anti-ship warfare. This is shown by it's 6 15" main cannons and 6 4" secondaries. The ships armour was also designed with the fact that effective shells at the time wouldn't pen through 2m of armour. However, during modern times they are considered as obsolete and have the role of coastal patrol.
Yamamoto and her sister Yato Are completely identical as variation within classes was not required. Their 8 AA weapons prove that aerial attacks were not a common thing in the previous war. Due to her height, Yamamoto tended to roll so anti-roll systems were implemented.

Attached Files
.blueprint   BB-01 Yamamoto Class Battleship.blueprint (Size: 454.04 KB / Downloads: 10)
"Anata no soba de! " - Hearts of Iron phrase.

Hmmm... Did you use some mods, by any chance? I had a quick look, and turrets won't target anything as there is no LWC. Also, the ship will cruise somewhere around 8~9m/s,while some logics inside trigger at 11m/s.

Gameplay-wise, some more segregation of the hull spaces would help reduce the income of damage. You need also a way to counter the roll when turning: this can be done with ACB+air pumps in the double hull (no need to add down-facing propellers, this way). Main asset of the ship is artillery, main or secondary; those 381mm are punchy!

Otherwise, well, the look is nice, and the shape of the hull is great; I love especially the underwater part bellow the bow; those secondary 102mm and 30mm AA guns look nice also. The deck could use a few details more, like lifeboats; it would get very well with the great pre-dreadnought look. That's a very nice job you did, and watching it fight against another WWI-themed unit feels like witnessing the Jutland! Smile
-"Speed is armor" - Admiral john 'Jackie' Fisher

-"Firepower is better armor" - Blitzkrieg Bob

I think I may have forgotten the LWCs and I might add some lifeboats when I check later as for the ship, the idea was to be put together quickly as a counter to other hostile forces. ()I'm still working on the lore) But again, I might do some stuff later.
And no of my ships will use mods as I can't get them to work for some reason, but thanks for the feed back.

I've looked at the ships' roll and it never rolls while turning but my when stationary. She has bot ACB air pumps and ACB Props to counter the roll.
The ACBs in the briidge are for the helicopter blade spin block things(completely forgot their name) the one on the right will turn them on above the speed of 10m/s and the one on the left will turn them off when the speed is below 11m/s. the is achieved by going in revers and stopping the props when the speed dramatically drops.
As for the main guns not targeting I'll again check if they have an LWC and will add some lifeboats later today and will re upload the bp in it respectful place.
And a new ship will be released along with it.

Re uploaded BB-01 Yamamoto bp after adding LWCs to all 3 main guns, No life boats yet.
"Anata no soba de! " - Hearts of Iron phrase.

BB-03 Tomomori Class Fast Battleship
[Image: ZaxJBt5.jpg]

Ships in class:
BB-03 Tomomuri
BB-04 Curi
BB-05 Kuri
BB-06 Ruri

Ship stats:

Max speed: 30m/s or 50.3 knots
Armour: 1m metal
Citadel: 1m metal
4x2- 356mm/ 14"-AP,HE,Frag,PenDepth-6m
14x1- 152mm/ 6"-AP,HE,PenDepth-3m
4 2x2 Type 10 Torpedoes
8 2x4 5"/127mm Type 22 AA
8 2x4 Type 5 AA Auto-cannons
BB-03 Tomomuri was planned during the first war but was completed after it so she wasn't included in the first fleet records.
Tomomuri was designed as a fast battleship and as so, her armour is weak.
She is the first ship to battleship to feature 8 14" main cannons and 14 6" secondaries.
Due to her height being over double he width, she has been fitted with anti-roll systems.
Her role in the empire was to patrol and scout but as war approaches, she and her sisters will have the role of quick response & strikes.
She was fitted with 4 Type 10 torpedoes to assist with large ship numbers and a single A1G Recon Plane.

Attached Files
.blueprint   BB-03 Tomomuri Class Fast Battleship.blueprint (Size: 917.78 KB / Downloads: 13)
"Anata no soba de! " - Hearts of Iron phrase.

I like the Yamamoto class.
And is the Tomomuri just a re-gunned version of your older ship?
[Image: fvn8BOX.gif] [Image: RFSgkaw.gif]

The tomomuri is a ship i was going to post in the old thread but forgot. The old version had crams instead of APS, Some ships here will have been uploaded before and will feature a hull change.
"Anata no soba de! " - Hearts of Iron phrase.

Nice replica of the Kongou-class! This pagoda mast looks great!
-"Speed is armor" - Admiral john 'Jackie' Fisher

-"Firepower is better armor" - Blitzkrieg Bob


Edit: New ships coming next Saturday, I'm away till then
"Anata no soba de! " - Hearts of Iron phrase.

CL-01 Ruby Class Light Cruiser
[Image: 42XKQkQ.jpg]
Ruby and her sister ship Sapphire are the first light cruisers of the imperial Hearts of Iron Navy.
These ships are capable of commanding destroyers fleets and other cruiser fleets. However due to her unreliable engine, maintaining max speed is impossible.
Due to the fact that she was built during the inter-war period, her AA armament is week consisting of 4 single AA guns mounted around the forwards most smoke stack.
Speed- 11 m/s
Armour- 1m Steel
Engine- 2x Akagi Type-4 "Low Pressure" Boilers- 3.7-3.8k power  
4x1 5.5"/140mm Type 2 Naval Cannons
4x1 Type 5 AA Auto-cannons
8 4x2 Type 10 Torpedoes

Attached Files
.blueprint   CL-01 Ruby Class Light Cruiser.blueprint (Size: 262.82 KB / Downloads: 14)
"Anata no soba de! " - Hearts of Iron phrase.

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