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Planet editor doesn't save files (correctly)

So after multiple times of loosing hours of work for absolutely no reason I am wondering if this is a problem anyone else is having.

The files appear in the browser but they don't seem to actually HAVE ANY OF MY CHANGES being saved and are filled with junk data like Neter's 'Player Faction' overwriting my factions I am trying to add or the terrain being overwritten with random terrain or completely flat terrain. (Upon looking inside the text files for the planet I can confirm that its actually loading the data correctly, its just not actually saving MY PLANET its just overwriting the file with default stuff)

-(Also isn't the fact the planet editor microstutters every 2 seconds just great???)

I'm pretty much tired of this garbage, and its not like I can 'backup' anything since all it can create is junk files and doesn't actually save anything at all.
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