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Poll: Do you like the current low health effect, as of version .16?
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I like the effect, it adds to the game.
0 0%
Partially; the idea is good, the execution needs some work.
3 17.65%
I dislike it, in the current state.
14 82.35%
Total 17 vote(s) 100%
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option to disable low health visuals

Currently, at low health, the screens darkens and gets sprinkled with water droplets. Please add an option to disable that effect.

To elaborate my problem, I find it disorienting, it's a strain on my eyes trying to see anything and generally just makes the experience of getting injured really frustrating. Maybe that is the intent, but it doesn't really add anything for me, besides getting annoyed at the game. I find the effect just dreadful, the only really obvious and straightforward annoyance I got with the game.

I like FTD a lot, but this effect honestly feels to me like a rushed placeholder. I have never seen something like that in a game before, and was surprised to see that there is not an off-switch for such an intrusive, exaggerated effect. As an anecdote, I watched a youtube video from Lathland, who seemed to have more or less the same reaction as me, when he found that there was no option to disable it - like it was natural that something as extreme should be optional. Some people on the Steam forums shared my opinion, others were fine with it.

Also, I've added a poll out of curiosity, to see if others feel the same. Obviously, having the effect optional would make just about everyone happy.

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option to disable low health visuals - by temeter - 2018-07-13, 06:47 PM

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