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Components Id

Hello, could it be possible to have fixe Id for propulsion components? Because when they are destroyed then repaired or added/removed their Id change and it causes problems if they are controlled in Lua (like in a Lua PID).

Also it would be cool if Id of all important components were written on the UI.

Currently, the Ids of the blocks are just their index in a list of healthy blocks of the same type. When a block is destroyed/removed it is removed from the list, and when a block is added/repaired it is added at the end of the list, which explains why they are changing over time.
Also, they can change when loading the blueprint, because the list will be filled in the blocks-loading order.

Unique Ids for blocks is currently being added, along with customizable names for the blocks.
For now it works in SP, but not yet in MP.
When it will be working fine, Lua functions will be able to use them.

These Ids are unique in the whole vehicle, and never change in the lifetime of the blueprint, even if you save it 100 times.

I have no timetable for when this feature will be ready.

Thank you, nice to know you work on that.

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