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Make laser tranceivers able to toggle on/off

As per thread subject, it would be great if it were possible via ACB to toggle laser tranceivers to a state where they do not receive or transmit laser energy, effectively as if they weren't there for the purposes of the laser system. The reason for this is that strong LAMS systems are a significant investment that have no alternate use in between missile volleys when not being attacked by fat shells (eg against the WF, LH, or SD). As it stands, it is possible to have a dual-purpose laser system by feeding a LAMS into laser turrets whose controlling AI is turned off when any missiles are nearby; but this is an imperfect solution as the turrets have to retarget every time the incoming missiles are destroyed, it is impossible to turn the turrets off without changing ACB settings if you would rather the turrets stop firing for whatever reason, and no other, dedicated laser system can also be feeding into the same turrets efficiently because they will be completely turned off every time a missile comes near. Allowing for tranceivers to be toggled on/off is a fairly common-sense solution that would allow players to have precise control over where their expensive laser system's output happens, and no doubt lead to more interesting design possibilities in the future.

I like this idea.

It can be sorta done without it, such as using 2 AIs for offensive lasers, one with a LWC set to 0 shots per second controlling the turret, and another on the disableable mainframe controlling the laser combiner.

But, of course, CRAM and APS shells do not trigger the commonly used missile within command, so an additional ACB trigger would also be nice.

But yes, this would be good, plus it can be used easier to deactivate parts of all of a laser system when power is low (by disconnecting from the multipurpose laser block).
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