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Steam News Updates

Hey, y'all. Development is active as heck, but you wouldn't know it looking at the steam news. Maybe you guys could copy-paste the latest updates there? I spent a good minute a while back waiting for an update to be released, only to discover that it had been. It just wasn't on Steam's news related to the game.

That's a good point. People have been talking about how the steam page itself is really out of date and needs fresh screens\videos, but pushing the stable update notes to the news feed would also help a lot.

I've been a lurker for a while, but this is something that finally made me make an account to agree with. I've been on steam and heavily into Early Access titles for years now, and when you do that, you learn a lot of red flags to watch for when it comes to 'dead' games. One of the biggest ones, I find, is the length of time the game's been in EA versus the regularity of updates. If it's been in EA for a really long time (like FTD - 4 years now), it had better have regular updates, or else it really looks like a game that's been abandoned. FTD's updates seemed to be about 6 months apart, and that nearly caused me to not consider it at all.

I finally took the leap during the steam sale, primarily because it _looked_ like everything I wanted in a game, and importantly, all of the reviewers had hundreds of hours of gameplay. That's generally a very good sign. And, what do you know - a few weeks later, I have more than a hundred hours already, and I've been absolutely loving every minute of it. But, I almost missed that chance because of the lack of updates.

I was super pleased once I found out that the forums and even the subreddit are reasonably active, and had I known that ahead of time (or even that the devs were still paying attention), I probably wouldn't have waited for a sale and would have just gone for it.

TL;DR? Definitely, definitely consider more regularly adding in notes. The last news piece was from 2.12, and we're on 2.16 in stable now!

The next stable release will be massive, I'm sure Nick will also update the Steam page.

(2018-07-12, 08:46 AM)Gladyon Wrote: The next stable release will be massive, I'm sure Nick will also update the Steam page.

Well, yeah, only new shiny pictures. *thumbs up*

We don't talk here about visuals.
What do you seek when considering a game?
Ratings, read a few negative reviews, read long-hour-count player reviews, look up the updates section how frequent they are, seek video reviews, register into the game forums, read a bit of emotions there, then buy the game.

FtD on Steam needs all the updates in text form, with dates so new wannabes could see it's updated regulary, and continually.
Or let me meet up the steam-info manager, I've weaved a pretty functional whip from TCP cables.
From the Depths english playlist starts here, before that it's hungarian:

[Image: 6yFiDvF.jpg]

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