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Sky captain Riganthor's ugly fleet

the first one I wil add is the SYmhony, my first succesfull craft, well the first craft I have build all alone.
the symphony is a pure missile airship with a topspeed of 33 M/s and 56 missile launchers.
Lore: after the war with the DWG the reformed skyfleet had a decent ammount of resources to spend and next up would be the white flayers so it was decided to make a craft that could kill them from a long distance. due to still lingering budget restrainst this craft was created from an old submarine, this lead to the instance that the inside of the ship getting a weird shape. this weird shape amde it so that the symphony would make wierd sounds while launching missiles. almost like a symphony, a symphony of destruction was playing.when the budget allowed for this to change the decision was made to not change the insides for not only did the inside not impact the missiles or the structural strength of the vehicle but the sound was demoralizing for the enemy who heard it.

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