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Steam Page Pictures

I realize that one of the next update will bring even further improvements in regards to visual fidelity, but - as I was just about to write my review - I noticed that the pictures on the games page on steam are really outdated (still from the old very blocky version) and don't even come close to the current - much better - looks of the game.

So may I suggest that you update those - so that more people feel inclined to experience the sheer awesomeness of this game please? It gives a less than optimal impression and doesn't do the game justice.
(Applies to the videos as well, but I figured just the pictures would be an easy enough fix until the next update is done)

Thank you for the consideration, and now back to the review I guess...or maybe I can just quickly install one of those new smoke dispensers on my frigate... *disappears mumbling under a pile of blueprints*

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