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DWF Tournament: Seeking Engineers

This is Vesimir Black, Grand Master of the Dark Worlds Federation
The DWF is holding a Tournament so you all may test your mettle against each other, as well as representatives of the DWF. The Prize? Recognition and any 1 Thing from the DWF.

The tournament stretches over two disciplines: Water and Air, everything is allowed, as long as the material cost stays under 250.000 and the volume under 25.000, mind you that is the combination of all sub-vehicles presented. The participants will fight in a best of 5 style, so 5 fights and the one with the most wins, also wins the round.
1. Spin block clipping is forbidden, except if it is purely for looks.
2. The max flying altitude must be 900m (This includes spawning altitude)
3. The max range must be 5km (This includes the Spawn range and angle)
4. no BP mods
5. The total of all sub-vehicles and spawnables must total up to 25K Volume or less, and 250K Material or less
6. Infinite centralized resources.

To Clarify: Air means everything from 50M to 900M, Water means everything from 50M to -600M, in other words, Submarines are allowed, satellites are not allowed, and there is no need for Spawn Sticks, since the tournament mod will be used

You can participate, by commenting under this thread with #engineer and your Steam ID and you will be contacted. You have 3 weeks of preparation time starting now and the tournament will start on the 29.07.2018 at 11:00AM COT and will be streamed on YouTube/Twitch (Still in the works). The deadline for participating ends on the 27.07.2018, on this day all designs will be sent to me, they shall all be thoroughly checked to see if they pass regulations. The max number of participants is 32. The tournament mod will be used. Any updates will be posted here or on the Steam Discussions Thread:

If you have any questions, feel free to post them down below.

Added participants (28/32):


- RandomNOOBY

- TheSaltySeaMan.

- Zyme

- Arte


- An Ning

- DahWoogs

- trueno

- nyannokonekko

- dinotoc1

- Eprovan

- Mattyboy0066

- MizarLuke

- Lennox

- animai

- NutterChap

- Skullsploder

- Bullbul

- Gaming 19

- The Lyon king

- SS-310

- Anxiety

- Karl V

- Davv

- ECH0

- nobsniper

- Shouty Boi

Good Luck and Fair Seas Engineers!

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