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I think I finally 'get' inline turbo's.... somewhat

Below is a recent attempt to make a pretty simplistic inline turbo engine. Don't ask what iteration of the prototype it is....

3H x 5W x Y long. Staggered flat rows of cylinders with a single carb each, exhaust piped along the bottom, wrapped around the end, and then daisy chained back through the individual turbo's one at a time.


1) There's a gap in the bottom middle that's totally empty. That indicates to me there might be a better pattern?

2) Much in the same vein, I basically stuck Superchargers into gaps wherever they fit and stayed within the 3 x 5 dimensions, starting with the spots where more then one carb could make use of them. I know that Super's aren't THAT amazing, except at low RPM, but it's what I could fit.

All thoughts and constructive feedback/criticism welcome.

Stats, as requested: 1000 overall power.
At 100% rpm, it's getting 382 power per fuel (2.6 per second).
at 50% rpm, it's getting 450 PPF, consuming 1.1 fuel per second.
at 10% RPM, it goes to 492 PPF, at 0.2 per second fuel used

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.blueprint   simple inline turbo engine.blueprint (Size: 59.88 KB / Downloads: 28)
.blueprint   simple inline modded by killshoot.blueprint (Size: 60.19 KB / Downloads: 26)

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I think I finally 'get' inline turbo's.... somewhat - by Greyfell - 2018-07-09, 04:22 AM

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