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Translation - german


I found some threads regarding translations für differtent languages.
Is there already a timeline for doing translations?

I could imagine doin' translation into german.

[Image: R-1518196-1455704967-8505.jpeg.jpg]

As far as i am aware, there are no confirmed plans for any translations. I have yet to see Nick to say something about it. But in the meantime you can start translating it piece by piece.

Since i have no experience in translation i dont know how it should be done but i guess making a word document with every...single...word you can find and write a translation next to it.

War - Krieg
And so on... with every translatable word possible.

It will take alot of time i assure you. But you arent the only German on the forums, i am pretty sure there are others who could band together to make the best german translation possible.

I'm partially German Big Grin
but my German grammar is crap, even though it is my father language, well so is Lithuanian and I have crap grammar in it too, even though I go to Lithuanian school, but Lithuanian has retarded grammar rules so i don't know if that counts either Big Grin

My English grammar is pretty good Big Grin
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There is no "best" I wouldn't even say there is anything universally good, Good is subjective, I find everything bad even if it's in theory good against this or that.


thanks for your replies.

Translating a text can't be done by just translating aevery single word seperately.
Ever tested the auto translation on youtube? It's horrible!

You have to translate a complete text.
This because of differences in grammar and different meaning of words regarding the context.
So, for making a game translateable, it's good to have separate folders per language containing the translated files which are loaded depending on the selected language.

I think it's the ideal way.

Depending on the use of markups etc. in the text you have to choose a format with link support.
It's much easier doin a translation if you just need text files, but it reduces the possibilities such as links to help files.

[Image: R-1518196-1455704967-8505.jpeg.jpg]

I believe that how it would be done, would be to translate the text within each box, such as the box with the campaign description or faction lore. After the translations are done, they would be added into the code when the new language is selected.
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For sure, tutorials should get a translation priority over everything else.

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