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Broken Turret

Hey guys, so, I built a ship I'm quite happy with. I tested it and tinkered with it pretty extensively until I got it just right. No problems.

And then I loaded it up and found that, seemingly arbitrarily, the center turret no longer rotates. Now, I have close to 700 hours in this game. I know the things that cause a turret not to rotate. It has two blocks of empty clearance on all sides and it is a one-axis turret, not a two-axis one. It does have firing constraints, but those allow it to turn well beyond what it is capable of now. But the big thing that gets me is that I didn't change anything about it! It simply stopped working, and I have no explanation of why.

I'd really appreciate some help figuring it out, since I - for the life of me - can't. I'm including the completed blueprint, along with a stripped down one. The stripped down version has all the walls taken away, leaving a very large empty pit in which the turret sits with no obstructions, and yet it still won't rotate. If I place the turret one block higher, it rotates fine, which is strange, because the floor it sits on is perfectly flat and there are no obstructions that would make for any difference between it and the block above it.

Attached Files
.blueprint   Cruiser Stripped.blueprint (Size: 471.14 KB / Downloads: 6)
.blueprint   WIP3.blueprint (Size: 476.13 KB / Downloads: 6)

I loaded up the backup save, and the turret works fine. Now I did add smoke launchers between the two saves, but I didn't do anything to the turret itself, and I can find no difference between the two saves other than one works and the other doesn't.

Attached Files
.blueprint   WIP4.blueprint (Size: 462.76 KB / Downloads: 6)

If you ever figure it out make sure to note it here. Had this happen before and never figured it out, yet if I prefab the turret, cut it out, then replace it worked fine there on.

Maybe you've accidentally set wireless network away from the used channel?
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