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CRAMS vs APS cost vs damage

(2018-07-23, 12:43 AM)draba Wrote: 4m clearance is a fuckton of space, good combat craft are compact and generally don't have even 1m wasted(that style is probably why you think HESH is good).
All the numbers needed for a basic understanding are on the forums/wiki/in the code.

I'm talking that you need to be slightly careful around the lowest 4m, not that you need that level of clearance. 4m clearance would be ridiculous, you don't need any clearance between two turrets which have at least a 1m armor shell, if you use ejectors.

Otherwise, try a more civil tone, not gonna bother talking to you this way. I know my experience with the game is limited, having only started recently, no need to be rude about it.

Quote:First part of my post was that making CRAMs not bad has 2 parts:
Make them able to connect on SOMETHING Smile
That means shield/LAMS tweaks + better shell velocity or making big/heavy things less agile.
Make the numbers more attractive compared to APS.
I think CRAM damage range/cost is kinda OK, it just looks bad because APS scaling is way off.
The post I responded to suggested solving this part by making CRAM dirt cheap to bring it UP to APS level damage/cost for volume.
IMO that's a fundamentally bad idea that throws off damage/durability even more and makes active defenses more important(I think you can guess what the problem is with that).

Second is linear cooler scaling would help in bringing APS in line:
Should be a pretty big nerf to APS firerates without messing with the damage/shell ratio(I think that's pretty nice with the 2.0 changes).
GP heat scaling could affect higher calibers more, to make using small ones not bad.
Dumping all the stocked shells relatively early in the battle wouldn't be as attractive(if you even use clips ofc).

i actually completly agree with this, cram mostly seems bad because aps is busted AF. everything about aps favors spam. from the superlinear cooling to having lots of demishing returns for stacking the same warheads/gunpowder.

cram's damage isnt actually that bad imo, aps just overtakes it after medium sized turrets (7x7 or 9x9 already depending on height.) the cost of crams makes it very unapealing in tournaments because you get less dps for the same cost. for example in king of the hill i made a refit of the crossbones that used aps instead and its only 110k compared to 188k.

cram would shine more if it was a cheap early game/throw away weapon so reducing its cost would help. also many people on the discord server suggested gunpowder pellets. these could be very expensive compared to other pellets. also cram frag is terrible because its locked at 80 degrees and the damage isnt great compared to aps.

heres my cram tetris platfrom, ive made some 6 loaders per pellet up to 7x7 turret base. im sure these could be usefull for finding a nice cost balance.

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