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The Unified Engine Raft II

I will be making use of the second post as the "update log." Check there for update information.

Update 2:
There are now two files. The main file has the good engines. The "secondary raft" will be dedicated to interesting failures, engines that have issues, or stuff that might be inspirational to another designer but aren't good enough for the main raft (at least in their current form)

Here it is! The Unified Engine Raft 2.

[Image: vMNlU2bl.jpg]

Anywho, its a raft with a whole bunch of engines on it.

Instructions are simple enough: Load it up, enter build mode, optionally check the settings of the ACB near your seat and hit the test button to turn on/off shields (if you want all the engines to run so you can see the stats, or if you would prefer to not hear about a hundred engines going off), and then go capture prefabs of the engines you want to make use of.

Many of the engines have segments. You can just prefab the entire thing and remember what each segment length is, and split it into a couple temporary prefabs later.

A couple of Guaibee's engines are on the raft (mostly in the red areas), with of course credit to him for any that are his (credit is given for any non-mine engine of course)

So without further ado, a short preview of what you will find on this raft of engines.


In the small orange area are a pair of injectrons, just in case you wanted to look at an engine that probably uses more fuel than several entire sections of the rest of the raft.

There are a pair of mediocre small steam engines too.


The red area has the high PPBB engines (typically T1, or below). The ones I made tend to be focused on niche use such as low profile or having high efficiency at low RPMs. If you just want a maximized T1 engine, then I selected a couple of the best Guaibee engines for general as well.


The purple area is for T2 engine designs (~1288 PPF). Stuff like the Blue Line. Included in it are Guaibee's modded Blueline (I arbitrarily decided to name it "Blueline Neo" for him, and made a single pipe modification I think he just forgot to do on one side to improve efficiency at other RPMs), and an extendable engine born of Guaibee and killshoot's setups for an extended version of it (with some repiping and segment rotation on my end to get the two versions to work together as a single extendable engine).

This hybridized engine comes out to an impressive 25.25 PPBB with one middle segment (it like most of the engines I make or mess with is an extendable engine)

There is also a "tank engine" I threw together (a niche engine for if you want something efficient but also want a 2-block-tall engine), and an extendable 3x5 engine for those who need a low profile engine with efficiency. Plenty have made similar engines to it I suspect, so it may not be anything new to you.


The blue area is T3 engines (5066+PPF) and some T4s (19921 PPF), and honestly these seem to be my specialty.

The two best normal T3s are the Foxtrot (6x5x(10+5n)) and the Saturn II (9x7x(8+4n)). Foxtrot has a good 15.11 or higher PPBB, and the Saturn II can exceed 17.1 PPBB, making it one of the best T3 engines out there.

The Kitsune III (tentative name, might rename it "Bahamut" or "Collosus" or something like that) is also there for those with less-then-normal ships, and depending on just how big you want to go can go over 19 PPBB (if you want to actually be reasonable, you'll likely get upper 17s and low 18s)

Its also extendable in not one, but two directions. You can use normal one dimensional slices if you want to avoid the hassle too.

T4s are likely less commonly used for practical purposes, but they are also around, usually to the right.

Among them is an engine that gets over 8 PPBB, while also only being a 5x6 profile (along with a bigger brother that breaks the 9 PPBB barrier).

NOTE: The following describes something that was moved to the Secondary Raft (its really cool being a 3-way extendable engine, but its PPBB isn't as good as the newest T4s)
In this area is also the incredible 3-dimensionsal extendable engine. Which you can extend in, well, 3 dimensions. Its a T4 engine, though, so sadly I suspect it won't be of much use to normal people. But I am still proud of it anyway because its something of a work of art (and it has some really good PPBB for a T4 engine when you mess with it).


In that yellow-bordered area by the blue area, I put the T5 (78329 PPF)(why would you ever NEED that much efficiency?) engines. Which are nice works of art, but which I honestly don't hear of people ever really using outside of vanity purposes.

Still, there is one or two of them I am proud of. The first is one I was clearly feeling punny at the time for and named the Turbinator. Getting a whole whopping 2.721 PPBB! Well, its a nice piece of piping anyway, but I have to say my favorite piece of art is the, um... Well, I haven't named it yet, bit its a remarkably compact piece at 5x6 size and over 2.85 PPBB (depending on length). It also comes in some merged versions that can get over 3 PPBB, which is pretty good for a T5.

The basis of these high-end T5s is the same "building block" that makes up the 3-dimension-extendable engine, and serves as a great example of achieving efficiency through multiple engines. Well, if you ever have actual reason to need a T5 engine for an actual purpose that can't be achieved with just T3s or T4s with a few more fuel tanks, check them out!


Attached Files
.blueprint   Unified_Engine_Raft_2.blueprint (Size: 665.19 KB / Downloads: 231)
.blueprint   Unified_Engine_Raft_Secondary.blueprint (Size: 290.22 KB / Downloads: 79)
Your giant expensive powerful warship of doom can be destroyed by dropping an anvil on it. One day, I will finally have enough engines to actually make a ship without stopping to make more engines.

Update July 24, 2018. Added Oventoaster's steam engine
Its pretty good.

Update July 10, 2018. Updated post and secondary raft.

Added a new T5 engine with a solid 3.4+ PPBB, and moved a T5 set made obsolete by it over to the secondary raft. The new T5 is called Turbinator II: Junction Day. I'm sorry for the punnery but it had to be done.

Update July 7, 2018. Updated the blueprint in the main post, and added the Secondary Raft.

Added some new T4 engines, cleaned up the old "K2" and "Everest" models as the new T4s are their replacements (They are named Olympus and Everest). Also made a quick new "secondary raft" to put less capable engines on that are either still really cool, or which may have potential to be improved by me or someone else in the future and thus shouldn't just be thrown away.

The new Everest was oriignally a 2-way extendable. But it seems to cause issues when put on the raft, so I put it on the secondary raft instead with its segments separated. You can try it if you want. A 3x3 engine (measured in segments) can get 9.4 PPBB at 19921PPF so it may be worth looking at.

I still need to adjust signs and stuff on the Secondary Raft. Signs sadly don't hold their text while stored in a prefab.

Update July 5, 2018. Updated the blueprint in the main post.

Fixed some signs. Added Killshoot's new renovation of the Kitsune. Also added my own renovation of said renovation, which I'll tentatively call Kitsune III. I may leave it like that (since it can be read as "kitsune-san"), or I may rename it with an appropriate name suitable for a gigantic engine like it is. A name that makes something like "Titanic" seem puny would be nice. Its rather ridiculously large if you extend it in multiple directions...

Other fixes include: Sign issues resolved (hopefully), the Foxtrot being replaced with its actual production version (it was previously the beta version, which misses a bunch of opportunities to pipe exhaust from cylinders), herobrine removed, and moving the less useful T3 engines over to a "historical" section where they can be observed for ideas or something (also removed an old engine or two that are obsolete).

Also added two steam engines to the injectron area. They aren't the best steam engines out there I'm sure.

If people want, I can make that area a proper steam engine area.
Your giant expensive powerful warship of doom can be destroyed by dropping an anvil on it. One day, I will finally have enough engines to actually make a ship without stopping to make more engines.

Nice to see your work once again up on the forums in a new version Smile

Maker of moderately good: CRAM, APS, and engines.  

Cool engines
It seems we found most optimized engines patterns that could be built

I have prototype engine, that built from similar parts as your Kitsune engine, but mine done from 2 pars and your from 4. Middle segment of part similar to your, but start and end are different. I failed at piping it and it was not compact because of it. If I do it in 4 parts instead of 2, piping will be much easier. I think if I could build engine from 4 segments, and not fail with piping again, PPBB could go to 17 at 9x7x10 size. Will try to build it now.

new engine done
7x9x12 size
17.2 PPBB
5000+ PPF at 35%-100% power
[Image: nTAaznh.jpg]

Attached Files
.blueprint   Engine prototype 5000 v2.blueprint (Size: 78.66 KB / Downloads: 9)

I'll take a look at it later.

Incidentally, the Kitsune had a 2-engine prototype version as well (I think I stuck it behind the Foxtrot on the raft). It had an issue that it was hard to pipe (or rather, it was hard to get enough exhaust to the start of it).

I wonder if the Foxtrot engine couldn't be doubled up as well, actually. Well, I suppose doing so would result in a risk of needing an extra block of length at one or both ends though. This tends to be the biggest reason for a lower PPBB in many engines (the very end and beginning often just having some pipes and the engine cores after all). The Foxtrot gets its fairly high PPBB due in part to just managing to avoid needing such front and end extras and compacting itself into the main "core" of the engine.

Maybe I should see if I can make a new front and end for the Kitsune as well. Unless, of course, what you made happens to basically be that.
Your giant expensive powerful warship of doom can be destroyed by dropping an anvil on it. One day, I will finally have enough engines to actually make a ship without stopping to make more engines.

A precursory look indicates that indeed, it makes use of compacting the front and end into the main engine segments, as it were. The difference is quite such.

If we were to "simulate" that it had such pipery and engine blocks sticking off the end (i.e. by pretending that your prototype was actually 2 blocks longer than it really is), the PPBB goes from 17.196 to 14.739, which shows just how much of a difference such a design element can make. The only downside, if you can really call it that, is that you don't end up with a couple carbs at each end that are T4s when compacting an engine like that (and thus get an engine that is "merely" around 5k instead of pushing towards 5.5k or 6k PPF).

I'll probably mess around with the Kitsune again a bit, and also verify see if your prototype can be segmented into an extendable form nicely (the initial look shows it to seemingly look pretty repeatable so it may well be suited for it). Any preferences for a name for your prototype?
Your giant expensive powerful warship of doom can be destroyed by dropping an anvil on it. One day, I will finally have enough engines to actually make a ship without stopping to make more engines.

Forgot about name. Call it Baikal.
I was thinking about doubling Saturn, but even if done perfect without adding extra length, PPBB will be less than 17. I think Saturn/Foxtrot not worth doubling.

Perhaps. Well, I may mess with it to see what happens if I try to double-up a Foxtrot anyway, but if nothing else it makes a fine high PPBB T3 for ships that cannot house a revamped Kitsune or Baikal (if one of the two is overall better, it will probably be the only one on the raft, with my money being on Baikal, but if they end up having different strengths I might put both on).
Your giant expensive powerful warship of doom can be destroyed by dropping an anvil on it. One day, I will finally have enough engines to actually make a ship without stopping to make more engines.

Just noticed that I accidentally put the "beta" build of the Foxtrot on the raft when I copy-pasted it. Real version is basically the same except doesn't have pipes that just pass by cylinders without taking exhaust from them. I'll fix it and upload the fixed raft along with the new engines (and maybe look for sign issues to fix since there was a save glitch that occurred a few hours before the first upload that caused a few signs to lose text

I'll toss a pair of small steam engines on the raft too (maybe over with the injectrons). I ended up making them because the skyfortress platform I was using for engine designing kept running into NaN issues where all its fuel would then suddenly disappear (perhaps due to weirdness that can occur when you update a running engine and its in the middle of calculations?. A fortress will preferentially take power from a steam engine over a fuel engine though, so it stops engines from using fuel to power the fortress turbines and seemingly prevents that NaN issue from cropping up. They probably aren't the best steam engines out there, but they aren't bad as "no worries" steam engines that won't break themselves even when no power draw is occurring.

Expect the fixed+new-engines Raft sometime today or tomorrow.
Your giant expensive powerful warship of doom can be destroyed by dropping an anvil on it. One day, I will finally have enough engines to actually make a ship without stopping to make more engines.

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