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Cram Destroyer!

Here's my first ship in FtD! It's pretty basic, pretty much a smallish ship with two cram turrets, a tripple barreled in the front and a twin barreled in the back. It also comes equiped with missiles, bow torpedos, and missile interceptors. The cram cannons are kind of weak and I'll probably replace them with Advanced Cannons later. A fleet of these ships were wrecked by a Bulwark during testing. There is no space in the rear for a tripple barreled cram.

Here's the front of the ship
[Image: LxwxKCx.jpg]

Here's the rear
[Image: VGVx4dH.jpg]

The bridge
[Image: rMvTBLc.jpg]

Rear Cram cannon
[Image: zl3gfwS.jpg]

Ammo Production and storage in the bow
[Image: 8o4FZXS.jpg]

Missiles, more ammo, and PID (Pitch, roll, and altitude)
[Image: U86SpJQ.jpg]

Front Cram (Very new and still being worked on, I know I suck at turret caps)
[Image: LbruH7x.jpg]

Steam room, RTGs, and resource storage
[Image: 4AenGkW.jpg]

I'm planning on building a really powerful flying battleship similar to the Ragnarok next, tell me how I can improve.

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.blueprint   FIRST SHIP.blueprint (Size: 257.28 KB / Downloads: 15)

(2018-06-30, 01:37 AM)Temido2222 Wrote: powerful flying battleship similar to the Ragnarok next.

Ragnarok from the Robbaz? Well, its fine ya wanna build that big. But er... if ya wanna make the block counts reach the 30k above is the bad ideas... why? Not friendly for the Lower Spec PC user to use ya ship to fight in Neter Campaign or any Campaign ya play it so if ya wanna design ya ship for the friendly user for all aspect. Please minimize the amount of blocks. I gave ya suggestions down below

Suggestion: Try building the BB block counts below 15k. The best score at least 12k. Then ya good to go. And... for the Weapons. I don't think CRAMs will useful to fight the Neter faction who use the Lasers such as LAMs to intercept ya shells. APS is the Universal to use that. And... don't forget to learn to build the Particle Canons and Lasers. Quite Powerful instead APS. But it determined ya weapon build to make em powerful.

(2018-06-30, 01:37 AM)Temido2222 Wrote: Tell me how I can improve.

Ya need to use lots of Internal Blocks and Tetra Blocks to make ya ship shapes much nice instead of the current building style ya made of. Or... Im aware that this is might be the first time for ya to play FTD, the most complicated vehicle design to ya. All ya can do is to practice it. And it will fruits ya well. I can give ya example the ships I built. Bear with me because I like to see the people make is the appearances. Lastly the powerfuls. Or... Maybe Both of them... Beauty (Aesthetics) and the Beast (Powerful)

[Image: AnaAUuw.jpg]
This is my Conventional building styles. Probably not XD

[Image: UnsrNnl.gif]

This is the Unconventional or Uncommon way. This is where ya start making ya own Faction to show ya Originality... and yeaasssh.... this is exactly I want to see from ya in the future. Your own style. Not Repetitive styles. I honest to say... peoples will get bored with the repeat stuff. So avoid it as much as ya can.

[Image: poSef1N.gif]
And here as well. her looks like dreadful and bunch of slopies. Which is this the best I built... for now.

Thanks for your help. I know the hull design frankly sucks, but trying to make smooth shapes with square blocks is tough. I tried to round out the deck on newer versions of the ship. The new ship I'm building is going to be a replica of the Space Battleship Yamato, right now I'm working on the hull. Hopefully it'll teach me how to make my ships look pretty. I know it's ambitious for my second ship but oh well Smile My PC is pretty overkill, 4790k and a 980, it handles this game pretty well

(2018-07-01, 05:16 PM)Temido2222 Wrote: My PC is pretty overkill, 4790k and a 980, it handles this game pretty well

I have almost same set like yours. But I use 1070ti instead of 980. Tongue

sometime, this isn't a performance issue. But 4m metal has more health than 1m block. (i saw a lot 1m metal block on your first ship)

1m metal block has 350hp but 4m one has 2100hp. (about 1.5 time better with same volume)

(2018-07-01, 05:16 PM)Temido2222 Wrote: My PC is pretty overkill, 4790k and a 980, it handles this game pretty well

I know ya PC is overkill. But please reconsider the others Lower Spec PC user as well if ya want the community download ya ship in the future. Unless ya build in smaller or medium size of blocks for them. The larger one for the Suppa PC.

I built the ship in the most backwards order I could have, I had to use small blocks to fill in a lot of holes and the deck is basically made in 1m metal blocks. I've already made a few changes to the designs, I'll rip the deck up "soon" and make it out of 4m beams.

Well then... gud luck with ya endeavour XD

I have learned from my mistakes! Introducing Cram Destroyer v2! I completely replaced the outer layer of hull and both layers of deck! PID has been tweaked, and the bridge has been replaced. The front cram turret has been improved slightly, with more autoloaders and more pellets. No screenshots because it's basically identical.

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.blueprint   FIRST SHIP v2.blueprint (Size: 225.04 KB / Downloads: 9)

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