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My Fleet BP Dump {Un-named Faction}

Now that I'm back to playing this game, I'm trying to make some halfway decent ships. I tried to keep a theme for them but I have no clue what to name the faction.
They use the theme used by the Marina from the friendly craft review thread.
Here they are:

Pity Class Destroyer
[Image: 4ABCA2B235E996F31A63FC2BD78B3D0BE838398D]
Lore: Due to other destroyers becoming increasingly out of date, the need for a replacement was quite high. Due to the heavily armored subs and light hovers this ship tends to find itself up against, it strays away from traditional destroyers in design. (It's the only destroyer I have with a gun above 270mm.)

Weapons: 6 Simple Autocannons, 6 HE torpedoes, and a 500mm 8m HE cannon.
Pros: Quick, Relatively cheap compared to most of the others in this list.
Cons: No armor, weakish weapons.

Achromatic Class Cruiser
[Image: 99ECA747B0F1B8BEB84D83379CD7AB6F8ED79616]
Lore: This thing fills a rather niche role in the fleet. It is a light siege unit designed to strip heavier ships of their weapons and rip apart light ships.

Weapons: 2 simple auto-cannons and a hidden 500mm 8m HE rapid-fire cannon.
Pros: Lams, Pretty good gun, stays at distance, fast.
Cons: Not too impressive armor, can only fight targets in front of itself, autocannons have the tendency to shoot the citadel.

Mighty Class Aircraft Carrier
[Image: 40B6E7DFCD347D76CE4E9ED044A09B6E7122D067]
Lore: The need for air support with this faction isn't that high, but it is always welcome. The Mighty steps up to the challenge (if there is one) with decent AA and great anti-sub.

Weapons: 60 7m HE torpedoes, 8 simple autocannons, 4 dual Flak AA guns.
Pros: Buoyant, Stays at a distance, nasty torpedoes.
Cons: Small flight deck, laughable AA.

Palace Class Battle-Destroyer-Thingy
[Image: 68AFD81C718CCCEE36A11466F6F01CE7F6781210]
Lore: This is what 3 hours of swing music plus late at night plus lots of sugar equals...
Weapons: 30 7m torpedoes, 4 simple auto-cannons, and one 500mm 8m HE cannon that can fire a good ol 200-something shells in a single reload. (They come out in what almost looks like a stream...)
*Enemy Spotted*
Captain: Fire the main cannon!
3 seconds later.
*Enemy Deleted*
Cons: No armor, blows up nicely, trash anti-air.

Fun Fact: Palace and Mighty got their names from Caravan Palace and their song Mighty. Achromatic got it's name from a Vocaloid song and Pity got it's name because of it's pity-able fire rate.

Attached Files
.blueprint   Achromatic.blueprint (Size: 269.6 KB / Downloads: 14)
.blueprint   Pity.blueprint (Size: 167.96 KB / Downloads: 13)
.blueprint   Palace.blueprint (Size: 476.13 KB / Downloads: 11)
.blueprint   Mighty.blueprint (Size: 386.06 KB / Downloads: 11)
Neppity Nep Nep!

I like the color scheme, very striking

I name ya faction... Slaanesh'Ia. Reason? Very Dark pinky version XD. And... Im not sure about ya Aesthetics. It looks simple to me. Im aware ya building shapes more to the Conventionals and Common alike. I personally to say... ya aesthetically are lacking from all aspect. I believe ya focused on more of Functionality and Practical build.

I strongly suggest ya improve the aesthetics more in order to get more attention to all FTD players like ya build. Otherwise...they are might turn away from ya designs. But sometimes ppl like that style as well. But er... maybe ya should go for the nice appearances. It will fruits ya well. Trust me XD

Temido2222: Thanks! I wanted to see if purple could be used to make a decent color scheme and turns out it can be.

Monklizard: It's kind of difficult for me to make them more aesthetically pleasing... everything I make ends up looking fairly similar. I'll try making the next ones a bit more unique. Also... Slaanesh'Ia? As in the Warhammer Slaanesh or something else?
Thanks for the comment.
Neppity Nep Nep!

Quote:1. It's kind of difficult for me to make them more aesthetically pleasing... everything I make ends up looking fairly similar.

Quote:2. I'll try making the next ones a bit more unique.

Quote:3. Also... Slaanesh'Ia? As in the Warhammer Slaanesh or something else?
Thanks for the comment.

I'll be honest to comment on this. Please don't take seriously what I said it below. I try my best not to engage the negative comments as much as I can.

1. That's why ya have to work harder to make improvements for ya skill to engage with the aesthetical elements. Trust me. If ya doing that, it will fruit ya in the future. Im not really like if ya keep using this excuses for not making ya progress instead stuck with these look. I honestly to say... ahem... ya current shapes are typically I saw the most people build. And... I don't see any originality from ya own ways. That's why Im bothered a little...or a lot from ya building designs. It might take ya times since ya absence the FTD quite sometimes. But if ya start improving ya building styles and away... from the Common build and Conventional styles. Im dares to say... people will like ya most and ya got the community attention for ya efforts. Whenever here in FTD Forum. Or.... FTD Main Discord. Im sure of it.

2. Unique ar? I like it. Would to see the better one in the future. I can give the references for Unique designs the link down below. Those are my main faction I currently developing for the shapes, and everything stuff I made of. So I start with the Naval Branch. Since Im almost can build all stuff. Except the spacecraft.

Khirihinza Civil Yard Corp

3. Yeeash... it is from the Dawn of War. Chaos God Slaanesh. Beause the colors ya choose resembles from them. XD

My fleet colors are quite similar. However, I use jet black as the primary, with mixed in purples and blues to achieve a "Galactic" look. Also, purple is not used by the other factions, and I need to stand out ;D

I like them. The aesthetic is pretty simple but effective and is consistent throughout the ships. I especially like the cruiser. The bridge being set at the back th long, sleek hull is similar to a current WIP ship I have, but IMO you did it better.
My BP thread!
How to win neter. Step 1: Get that godly battleship to spawn inside a mountain. Step 2: Steal it.
I reply to people way too much.

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