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Halfblocks and plates for decoration.

Hi, could we have some halfblocks and plates for decoration rasons, I nowdays started to build some tank replicas. I built tanks like the famous Leopard 2 A5, T-55, T-72 and T-64. They are looking cool but I had some troubles with the shaping of such small object. So I realy could need some metal plates with similar size as the neon light block has.

I have some plates similar to what your asking for in my mod but i am not sure if these are what you want considering these were meant for wings and may be either too thin for what you want or are not off set for what you need. gl;

At some point I want to add half blocks with their various corners as well as thin plates and curved blocks wih corners. theres also half/half blocks (think top wood, bottom metal or two slopes put together).
That will be a while before I get to it though and I suspect the block menu will need a cleanup for them to go in.

In the meantime theres a few mods out there with them

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