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Infringer (Early Game Ship)

I wanted to make an early game, low resource ship that uses APS as its main weapon.

This is how it turned out:
[Image: iGw9Kgg.jpg]
[Image: t6t1TmO.jpg]

It's armor is mostly 2m Metal and has 3.5 strength reflect shields at good angles covering most of it. It also has flares.

It has 6 short-range EMP+Frag missiles and a double-barreled 250mm rail-assisted cannon with HESH shells.

I know how to make APS guns, but in development I realized that it needed more accuracy and speed so I made it rail-assisted, which I have never done before. On top of that, I'm not sure how to make good shells.

Please critique my gun and tell me if it is good or not. (I can't change the length of the shell due to space constrictions)(HE is at .7 special)
[Image: SIi9iDU.jpg]

I am pretty happy with it as it can destroy most of the early game DWG for a low cost, but I still have some issues with it:

1. It naturally sinks, so I had to add some cheaty propellers to the bottom.
2. The gun can't turn 360 degrees. (Turns 290 degrees instead)

[Image: LWYQQyj.jpg]
Edit to picture: It travels at 15m/s

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.blueprint   Infringer.blueprint (Size: 71.13 KB / Downloads: 58)

Looks pretty awesome. I'll test this out later if I can and leave some feedback. It's definitely good looking, and a hell of a lot more durable looking than my starter ship with those shields.
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interesting design. looks a bit volatile, but seems like a solid starter ship for the price
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That’s a monitor if I ever saw one. Neat!
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[Image: HjaVgvK.jpg]

I do use fins on accurate shells.
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(2018-06-27, 08:57 AM)Normal69 Wrote: I do use fins on accurate shells.

If it's already accurate, there isn't much point. Put it towards something more useful offensively, or a fuse.

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