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Extensive QOL Improvements needed

I mean this in the best of terms, but the UI is horrible. I don't mean the graphics, I mean the functionality...

Tactical Map:
- Confusing view, From what I understand this is how you manage your fleets
- The fleet order changes based on where the center of screen is, this is difficult to understand, perhaps option to disable fleet sorting
- If you scroll out, it turns into map view? No indicator when this is going to happen, or even what is happening

Map View:
- Unclear what this 'screen' is to do, I assume its to get an overall view of the map?
- Difficult to read sector names (Black names on black fog of war?)
- Issuing orders to fleets here doesn't work, if you drag select ships they abandon formation and free for all
- Perhaps fleets should only be selected on this screen (Tactical screen selects ships instead)

Campaign Combat
- Unclear what ships will be in the battle and wont, sometimes all my ships are in, sometimes only 1, I presume this is to keep the battles 'fair'
- If the above is the case, My large ship will be at #1 position, and then all the support speed boats spawn 1 at a time and get mauled afterwards
- I don't spawn on ships when combat starts, by the time I get to ships they've already been mauled
- Respawning drops from space, why the respawn beacon? I then have to swim onto a MOVING ship, given the 'floating water jet mechanic' this has it can be very difficult
- Would be useful to have something on the HUD if the current ship is AI controlled, or if I left it off by accident

Build Mode
- Doesn't appear turrets repair, and I can't repair them in battle, repair bots fix the rest of the ship, is this intended?

Just some of my observations which make it frustrating to do things in this game, although it certainly is fun, and alot of the components (Building, moving) are great, its very clunky to get things done

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