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2.16 unable to upload craft to workshop

Lately I have been having issues with uploading craft to the workshop. what would happen is that I fill out the fields that I normally would for uploading a craft in game, but when I hit send to would do the positive ding then the error sound within seconds. my ability to change the cover screenshot would disappear and I also would not be able to view to manage crafts/submissions/workshop/uploads (I forget exactly what it is called, its the second option from bottom. anyways, my most recent two creations (the only ones that have experienced this error) were able to be uploaded by filling out the upload fields almost completely wrong, (eg file name would be different, title would be different, as well as the file I was uploading.) with the Allen M Sumner upload, the first of the two. I was able to change most of the fields back to what I wanted them to be as on the workshop. however my most recent craft is having an issue. I am unable to go and change the file back to what I want to be. currently its a small mine with nukes on it, nothing tricky. What it should be is a replica of a balao class submarine fitted with some of the latest aesthetic techniques (spinblocks spinblocks spinblocks). When I go to manage uploads, the same thing happens as before. I select the file I want, hit replace, get the positive ding followed by the error ding a few seconds later. I haven't found much help except from beastman who thinks I have to much stuff, both in game and shared to steam. I've tried removing stuff in both aspects with no luck. anyways, I hope one of you might have an answer for me. like all bugs, this one is pretty aggravating. attached are some relevant files.

Attached Files
.blueprint   Balao_Class.blueprint (Size: 181 KB / Downloads: 1)
.blueprint   USS Allen M Sumner grey.blueprint (Size: 244.47 KB / Downloads: 1)
.blueprint   Mine.blueprint (Size: 32.98 KB / Downloads: 1)

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