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Discarding Sabot Module

Idea is that you place a Discarder in the back of your shell which acts like a discarding sabot round would.

Currently, in FtD, sabot shells do not work as they do IRL. Sabot is basically like solid warheads or AP capped heads, but with less kinetic energy, more speed, and more AP. IRL, a shell which is AP head and backed by 2 sabot wouldn't get any benefit from the sabot, since the small diameter is what allows it to pierce armor so well.

I don't think this would be useful or relevant in the current game of shell mechanics.
(2017-04-20, 06:54 PM)Hikari Wrote: I made something that has an impact of a type 1a supernova. The projectile already breaks laws of physics by going way past the speed of light.

2000mm HE Dakka Enthusiast

Sabot rounds in FTD basically make the whole round into a saboted round, but this isn't very well depicted in the shells in flight, nor does the sabot visibly discard. Evidence being that it reduces the power of non-kinetic warheads to 25% - this implies that their volume is being quartered, which would correspond to their radius being halved.

High caliber sabot with fins, smoke, and inertial fuse is pretty good for confusing visual detection, and weakening lams and laser.
Fast, and accurate, and good damage after I emped away the shields too.
From the Depths english playlist starts here, before that it's hungarian:

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